How to Leverage Real Estate Video Marketing

Video marketing is the buzzword in the real estate industry that is helping real estate agents to get the most out of their efforts. It has made the lead generation task easier for real estate professionals. They are using videos to give an in-depth tour of the property to customers in real-time without having them physically present at the location. You will be surprised to learn that real estate listings with videos receive over 403% more inquiries than those not using videos.

Over 85% of the property owners and buyers want to work with the agents using videos to market the place. This is because video marketing makes it convenient for the customers to inspect multiple properties without spending time and resources on visiting the same.  It provides them with a more flexible approach and diverse options when it comes to buying a property. Let’s take a look into how one can leverage real estate marketing using videos.

Leveraging Real Estate Video Marketing

Using videos to create a story about the property goes quite well with the buyers. It is far more convincing than just posting pictures of the accommodation inside a house. Real estate agents can create a diverse range of real estate videos addressing the common questions that a potential buyer might have. Some buyers’ videos look forward to including neighborhood-guided tours, local market updates, home buying tips, promotional videos, testimonials, home selling advice, etc. Let’s look at some exciting tips to help you leverage real estate video marketing.

  • Video Optimization

 To showcase your offerings to potential buyers using videos, you need to optimize them for search engine platforms like Google. Reliable search engine platforms only rank the best content on their top page. To gain maximum page views and visitors online, you need to create lucrative videos that catch eyeballs. Add a good thumbnail and description while posting the videos to optimize them for organic searches.

  • Live Stream Content

 The live stream medium is becoming popular among the audience as it allows them to communicate with the host in real-time and get their queries addressed. It also eliminates the possibility of a fake video being shown to customers. Real estate agents can leverage the live stream feature available on all leading social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Marketing Your Video

 Most people in the real estate industry can generate a good video of their property. However, most of them fail to market their videos correctly to reach the target audience. It is important to remember that promotion is the key to succeeding with video marketing. One can easily create catchy real estate videos using InVideo and market them on all leading social media platforms, including YouTube. You should also try to include videos in your emails when appropriate.


Video marketing has revolutionized how products and services are being marketed to the final consumer. One can easily leverage video marketing for real estate to lure in prospective customers and close the deal.



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