Get The Simple Football Bets Here

Get The Simple Football Bets Here

There is money in football. Active players are getting a huge amount of money in transfer fees and weekly wages from their respective clubs. If you have a passion for any of the clubs, you can make money from the casino by using your passion.This is to welcome you to the world of football betting. When you have a passion for any club and you understand the stats that come with the club, you need the likes of Judi slot online to make the big leap into the casino.

There are several bets in the world of football. Understanding each bet will deliver the returns that matter in the sector. We shall be taking a look at some of the simple bets that you can make that will not raise your blood pressure. The combination of the markets that we have below is the easy bets that are seen in football betting.


The game of football is all about goals scored during the duration of the match. When goals are scored, the atmosphere in the stadium changes for the better. If you want to bet on the number of goals scored, then you must understand the stats of the team involved. What is the nature of their home and away records? Is their striker in form? When you analyze some of their past matches, you will be able to predict the number of goals that they will score in a match. When the number of goals scored tallies with the one you predicted, you are the winner of the bet.

Goalscorers Do You Remember?

Another wager that you can place your money on is the actual player that will score in a match. This is a bet that several players are not aware of. If you place your bet here, you will not have many pundits to contend with and will therefore have the opportunity to get the best results on your investment.

You can place the bet on a player to score the goal at any point in time during regulation time. It is possible that the player will score the game’s final goal. There are defenders that are high-scoring, and you can place your bet on them to score the goal. Where an own goal is scored, it will not count in this bet.

Some bookies offer betters a lifeline in case their target player fails to find the back of the net. The pundits that have a big heart place their bets on “to score two or more” or “to score three or more”. You need very good odds that they will be there to deliver realistic results.

Next goalscorer/time/method/live

When you are live betting, you can place a bet on the next goal to be scored. The selection of players for this bet is based on the players that are listed among the 22 on the field of play. The manner in which the goal was scored is another factor that should be taken into consideration. You will need an excellent bookmaker to hit gold with this wager.

Team to score first.

Another very simple oddity is predicting the first team to score. You must place this bet before the beginning of the game. If you guessed right and the player you stuck your neck out for scored the goal, you are the winner of the bet! When the goal is scored and you are in live mode, you can take it further by predicting who is going to score next.


We shall now go on to the over/under bet. This is another simple bet. However, you must connect with a credible betting agent in the class of Situs Judi in order to achieve a soft landing in the sector. This wager has a number of distinguishing features.This is a bet that is common with virtually all the stats around in football betting. It is found in notable bookies.

Goals, goals

This is a common bet that is well known to several pundits. 2.5 is usually used to separate the low-scoring sides from the high-scoring sides. Your bet will not be dictated by what the bookies say here. There are alternative bets that start with an o.5 clause. The club that scored the goal does not matter. The chief factor is goals. 


In the world of football, there are two types of cards. A yellow card is a warning to any player. A second yellow card will result in the sending off of the player. There is also the red card that signifies straight dismissal from the game. You can place a bet on the number of cards that a player is going to receive during the course of the game. If your guess is right, you will win the odd.


You can also place your bet on the under/over. For the corner to count, the team must take the corner kick before it can count. When you accurately predict the number of corner kicks taken in a game, you are a winner of the odd. Corners can be awarded in quick succession. The match might be over before you say “Jack Robinson.” This is the only dark side of this bet.

odd or even.

We shall be concluding with the odd/even bet. For instance, if you place a bet that the number of corners for the team will be an even number and the team takes 6 corners altogether during regulation and extra time, you will win the bet. If you predict an odd and the number of corners taken is 4, you will lose the bet because 4 is an even number.

The bets mentioned above are some of the simplest bets in the world of football. When you are sure of your stats before putting your money on any of the bets, the results that will make you smile will be achieved. Make sure you partner with a credible situs slot terbaru that delivers credible results.


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