The Leading Bookie Of Asia – SODO

The Leading Bookie Of Asia – SODO

The words’ online lottery’, ‘betting,’ and ‘casino’ are not new to anyone. Yet, even today’s kids understand what these are, and somehow they are portrayed negatively in society.  To break such norms, Sodo, also called SODO66,  a bookie which facilitates gambling mostly in sporting events ,set the odds, places the bets, and pays out on behalf of other people , started in Vietnam.

SODO is legalized and one of Asia’s leading bookmakers in the betting market with the Vietnamese government’s permission.

SODO and its entertaining services:

Online lottery:

Sodo offers many services, primarily online, which is the best part as it’s more convenient to make money and get entertained by sitting in any corner of the world. They have an online lottery rate where you can choose the game and pay as per the rate at your location.

Lottery games like Lots of Cards and Sliding lots are available. Apart from the online lottery, they also offer betting services in sports. Speed lottery adds to a unique attraction here with a 1-minute lottery 5 minutes lottery.

Sports betting:

Sodo offers to bet in volleyball, table tennis, tennis, etc. sports and have a separate football betting service with operational halls, namely Sports cmd, Ug sports, and Ag sports. Interestingly in football online Betting, they have predictions for English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian matches and the Soccer cup.

They analyze odds to get an accurate judgment of matches which helps you win a bet. So customer care services and this bookie, in a legalized way, are applauding able in the betting industry.

Online casino:

A casino is a platform for gambling. So now we might wonder if casino, lottery, and betting games are all the same; what’s the difference between Betting and gambling?

Well, Betting is a type of gambling. The fine line of difference these two  have is that in gambling, the stakes or the risk is placed on an event without any idea of the outcome Contrast to this , in Betting, the risks are identified based on a least idea about the performance of the betting event. Some logic or pattern is mostly observable in betting events, for example Cricket or football. Here, the outcome is guessed based on rules and pattern.

Sodo casino offers its players to play casino games through the Internet. Online casinos often offer slightly higher odds and payback rates than traditional casinos. How much one can earn from winning these games is mostly set according to the rules of the game.

Many online casinos rent or purchase their software from other companies to make sure that a right software is opted for safe gambling. Sodo casinos are always, as earlier mentioned, legally authorized and are the best fit for casino games too.

There are a lot of games offered by Sodo Casino, for example, Baccarat, Disc shock, and Dragon tiger. They have set excellent standards for a prestigious online casino where real money can be earned without any scams.

You can deposit your funds digitally with e-wallets, and credit cards, create your account and start playing. Few of the Casino lounges are in operation by sodo casino, are dg live casino, mg live casino.

Slot games :

Slot games are straightforward and easy to play these online lottery games. The genres in slot games are pretty vivid and range from fancier themes to thrilling stories. Sodo offers almost all slot games in the market within their service. 

A few of them are very famous saying, Mysterious Land, Panda, Alien us, The hand that mends, Good fortune, etc. Sodo has halls for slot games, they are named BBIN, AG gaming.

Shoot fish games:

Shoot fish games are the simpler games even kids can play and win. It is simply targeting and shooting the fish and making scores. The fishing halls in operation with Sodo are BBin shoots fish, the YL shoot fish

Why trust SODO :

The betting market is undoubtedly a precarious market to invest your money in. However, making money by getting entertained always has two sides to the coin. How to make sure you trust your bookmaker is to check what they offer to gain the trust.

They have a legal internet betting business license issued by PAGCOR – Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Philippines Game and Entertainment Administration), which has been beautifully designed interface invested in high aesthetics.

  • Sodo supports all platforms Android, Ios, Pc, Ipad and is built on its 128bit SSL security system, reducing the risk of any hacking.
  • They have large financial resources and also the customer care staffs is friendly, professional, serving 24/7 in many languages ​​such as Vietnamese, English, Chinese…
  • High access speed, low maintenance, and stable access to the online website make it very comfortable and user-friendly.
  • They provide fast transaction speed and support many flexible and safe deposit methods such as phone scratch cards, and bank transfers.
  • Digital currencies like Crypto currency (USDT) deposits are also supported.
  • They make sure that bookmakers can provide attractive high odds, more rewards, more wins 

You can create a gamer account and can register for the available houses to play. They have booker reviews where you can check which house has the games of your choice and create an account.

A few of them are VZ99, QH88, 123B, 84VND, etc. The names seem confusing but every bookie house offers the same lottery and betting services but with enhanced technical, security management features. These operate mostly in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippines with authorised license from the government.

Sodo also provides bonuses for being part of their betting community in Vietnamese currency.

Bet and win from your phone too:

Sodo is not only an online betting bookie website but it also offers a smartphone application that can be downloaded from the play store or app store, supportive for Android and iOS systems.

With such constant customer support and for more than 10 years in the market, sodo is one of the leading and trustworthy platforms for gamblers.


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