A Brief Guide on How to Advertise Your Products and Services on Pinterest

Social media advertising is a great way to attract your target audience, regardless of your business niche. Thanks to Facebook or Instagram, you can promote your grocery store, a popular online platform like https://nationalcasino.com/en_au, or beauty services. But except for these social media, there’re many more platforms, and Pinterest is one of them. Here’s how you can make your business popular on Pinterest.

What Makes Pinterest Different From Other Social Networks

Promoting a site via Pinterest with products and services is exciting today. Most of the social networks popular among users are designed according to a standard scheme. A personal page in a social network always reflects significant events, thoughts, and interests of the owner.

Groups in social networks have expanded functionality. On the wall, you can:

  • Post funny pictures, share notes.
  • Disseminate useful information: recipes, recommendations.
  • Sell merchandise.

Pinterest is a platform where information is perceived visually. It has a number of differences:

  • This is not a simple social network, but a platform that allows you to create a countless number of virtual boards with different thematic focus.
  • The parameters of the picks can be set individually.
  • Pinterest is simple and easy to navigate. The clever design of the service allows you to save paths to external resources, as well as use information from other owners’ profiles.
  • Pinterest allows you to establish close contact with other users. The service allows you to be friends with the owners of other accounts, find friends with interests, give each other likes, write, and read comments on pictures. The more active your account is, the higher your rating is.

Industries Suitable for Pinterest promotion 

Pinterest can be used by anyone who presents their product beautifully in the form of a photo. The latest Pinterest data clearly shows that the site makes it possible to promote even complex and competitive niches, such as custom-made furniture and beauty services. But the following groups of goods are the most in demand on Pinterest:

  • Repair and finishing works, development of interior design, planning.
  • Travel services, travel arrangements, events.
  • Promotion of handmade products: souvenirs, household goods, handmade furniture, accessories.
  • Clothing, shoes, including also handmade.
  • Landscape design, design garden, dacha plots.
  • Catering services and food presentation.
  • Online flower stores, florist, gift shops.


It is better to promote with the help of Pinterest products in areas where they can be presented as visually attractive as possible. In the case of electronics, plastic windows, household appliances, plumbing fixtures, and electrical goods, the promotion of such products can be difficult. But if you show creativity, anything is possible.

Checking the Site for Promotion on Pinterest

Do you have your own website or blog? Notably, it can already be promoted on Pinterest without your knowledge. This is possible if someone suddenly pins your article on a board in their personal account. That means the content is already benefiting your project.

Check it by entering your site address without http into the Pinterest search box. The service will give you all the pins posted (if there are any, of course).

If you haven’t previously promoted your account or don’t have one at all, but there’s a pin with images or articles from your project on Pinterest, that’s great! Your job is to do a little analysis to determine:

  • Which articles are the most popular.
  • Which images attract the attention of users.
  • Do the pins from your blog look attractive.
  • How the pins are signed.


So you better understand what it is that arouses the interest of users.

4 Steps to Promote Your Site on Pinterest

Pinterest has both personal and business profiles. In the latter case, the owner has access to analytics. You’re better off registering as a company when you create your profile or going from your previously created personal account to https://business.pinterest.com. In the business account, you will be able to create advertising campaigns to promote your pins. And, of course, business profiles can use advanced pins.

Step 1: Designing the Boards

The albums in which you add pictures are the boards. Your task is to come up with the maximum number of boards that resonate with your brand.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, what services you provide. Think bigger. Look at the accounts of travel agencies, book publishers. There are boards with great sunsets, landscapes, parks, hotels. There are plenty of them, and you can use them. Do you sell products for children? Then you can use fairy tale characters, coloring books, children’s crafts, water makeup schemes. You just need to start, and the social network itself will start giving you more ideas for new albums. That’s the magic of Pinterest.

Step 2: Thinking Through What to Load and How to Pin

You need to upload your own pictures and repin other people’s pictures at a 50/50 ratio. Developing your account and adding new images is a good thing. But interacting with other users is also important. The authors of the pins you add to your account get a notification of the action, as well as a link to the board where you attach their images. That’s how you pique users’ interest. As a result, they will start clicking on the link to look at your board.

Add descriptions to your pins. The search here works by keywords. The description should be 150-300 words.

You can upload pictures of any size. Vertical, long photos are especially valuable here (for example, infographics).

Pinterest is in demand for educational content. Create a colorful, step-by-step tutorial to delight your followers. After they’ve read the instructions, they can click the “Tested” button. Pinterest just recently introduced this so that users can rate the validity of the content.

If you’re posting items, state how much they cost. If you’re promoting a graphic representation of an article from a blog, that is, a post converted into a graphic, then write a large headline on a contrasting background at the top of the picture.

Step 3: Involve Experts and Celebrities

There’s no need to think about how to design a profile on Pinterest. The platform will tell you what to do and how to do it. Because the social network is still gaining momentum, you still have to work hard.

Pinterest has many new features that allow you to find interesting personalities related to your brand. You can invite them to create interesting author posts. Expanded pins give a lot of room for creativity. You can offer boards with author picks of locations, movies, recipes from an expert or celebrity, collect themed articles in albums that might interest your subscribers.

Step 4: Monitor and Analyze Statistics

Don’t think that results will come quickly. Start by publishing pins for at least 2-3 weeks and only then begin to analyze the results. If you look at the statistics and make assumptions a couple of days after you start, there will be little information and the risk of bias will be high.

Pinterest has built-in promotion analysis. You don’t need to use separate services. The following data is available in the Analytics category:

  • The number of impressions of your pins, the number of users and audience engagement.
  • Popular boards with the number of impressions, engagements, saves, approximations, link clicks.
  • Popular images with type, traffic source and number of views.
  • The statistics can be grouped into categories: source, user devices, types of pins themselves, and other parameters.

Your task is to watch which images have the most views and the maximum reach, and try to come up with the same results. To do this, you can design images in the same colors and use similar keywords. You should also evaluate which images get the most clicks so you can publish the same effective pins later.

The more time you spend collecting and analyzing statistics, the better your results will be. Constantly upload new images or video content based on the interests of your users.

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