Protect your brand and logo with international trademark services

Protect your brand and logo with international trademark services

People today have become more aware of their business. Everybody wants to increase the credibility and profitability of their businesses, and it has become a necessity to protect your business from the competition arising. You need to secure your legal trademark or patent, and for this, you will require professional help who can navigate you further. catchy business names

The best services are provided by the international trademarks. They make the process easy for business owners in over twenty-four countries. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations, and each of them is taken into consideration before every process. However, there is an option for people to apply for registration on their own, but this is a legal process, and it is best to take the help of a professional. The skilled trademark lawyers will assist through the complicated details that one could not be able to do themselves.


What is Trademark?

If we simplify, trademarks are some unique signs which are used to recognize the products and services of a particular company. They can be anything, including signs, characters, images, and expressions. It must be identical so that your customers will be able to recognize your brand easily. Trademark will differentiate the services from other companies. It would be better if you used signs related to your products.

Trademarks are generally classified as intellectual property, and they should be protected from breaking the law. You have to be securing the trademark rights, and for that, you have to register your business under the Trademark Act, 1999. Through trademark, others will not be able to copy your unique sign or mark. Furthermore, your competitors would not misrepresent your mark, putting them into other services.

Consider an example, and you recognize the Nike brand through its unique mark. That’s how you have to put any unique mark which could help your business grow rapidly. There is a difference between patent and trademark. A patent expires after 20 years, while it takes ten years for a trademark to expire after registration. There is a renewable system in the trademark, unlike patents; you will be able to renew the trademark after ten years.  


Trade marking your brand’s name

There are several reasons why you should always trademark your company. First, this will ensure the safety and protection of the company’s name, sign, ideas, and its reputation. Second, you will not want anyone to steal information about the ideas you created for the development of business, for that trademark is necessary. Finally, suppose you are not pursuing the thought of trade marking the business just because it takes a considerable time. In that case, you will have to face a loss in business if any of the competitors steal your tagline.

Can anyone apply for a trademark?

The person who has filled the form of registration that means the name written as an applicant, will be considered to be the owner of that company which is to be registered under the Trademark Act. Anyone can apply for the same but has to fill the registration form. International Trademark offers its services in twenty countries effortlessly.

It is a possibility for your trademark not to get registered. There may be several reasons for that. The primary reason could be identical trademarks. This will lead to a direct rejection of the application. You will have to create a trademark that nobody owns. Consider getting a logo created by any graphic designer or on your own, do not copy any sign from the internet.


What is the registration process?

There are few stages you have to follow in order to get registered.


  • Selection of Trademark

The trademark is a visual representation of what your company offers. The sign or logo you choose should somewhat represent your company’s offering. The other crucial consideration is to determine which class your company belongs to. Presently, Forty-five classes are there under which your company’s trademark can be registered.


  • Searching for mark

The next step is to find out if your chosen mark is unique or not. The logo you’ll choose will represent your company, and if there is a registered company that includes the same logo, your application will get rejected. The same mark will not be considered. It is advisable to make your own logos, or you can take help from the public research. Or you can take the help of legal services, which is a paid service, but for a safer side, this one is better than getting rejected and preceding the entire process again.


Determining the crucial factors of trademark registration

Trademark helps your business to be a legal entity, and no other company will have the right to use your sign, logo, or tagline. With all the factors mentioned above, you may well have known why a trademark is important for your business. Now, let’s look into the advantages of registering.

  • Exclusive rights

After you get registered under the Trademark Act, you will become the owner of the business legally. That means no other company will have the right to use your logo, sign, taglines; not even the similar names are yours. If you find any company doing this, you have the right to take proper action against them legally.

  • Infringement security

Competitions are rising these days, and some fraud people try to act smart by performing illegal functions. Your rivalries can steal your brand’s logo to sell their products which is completely wrong, and you can even take strict action against them. Trademark will help you prevent infringement.


  • Brand identity

With a trademark, your brand will get its own legal identity. Your customers will easily recognize your brand when available in the market. With your own registered name, you can promote your brand to generate a good income in the market. This will enhance your brand’s reputation among the users.Trademark registration is an essential method you can use to protect your business from other competitors; this will also ensure safety and protection and spreading goodwill.


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