VRV Full Form – What is VRV Full Form?

The VRV Full Form is “Variable Refrigerant Volume“, “Vacuum Reducer Valve” and “Visual Range Visibility“. Also, VRV has many other Full Forms that are listed below.

Mainly the VRV is Stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume“, “Ventricular Rate Variability“. Also, we put all VRV Full Form in Hindi meaning in the below table.

All VRV Full Form in Hindi Meanings

Variable Refrigerant Volume (Most using Full Form for VRV)
चर रेफ्रिजरेंट वॉल्यूम
Ventilator Rate Varies
वेंटिलेटर की दर भिन्न होती है
Ventricular Rate Variability
वेंट्रिकुलर दर भिन्नता
Van Reekum Veress  
वान रीकुम वेरी
Vacuum Reducer Valve
वैक्यूम कम करने वाल्व
Vesico-Rectum-Vaginal Fistula (gynecology)
वेसिको-रेक्टम-वैजाइनल फिस्टुला (स्त्री रोग)
Visual Range Visibility
विजुअल रेंज विजिबिलिटी
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In the above table you have learned all VRV Full Form in Hindi meaning. So, now we are going to discuss some of important questions that asked on internet frequently.

1# What is the Full Form of VRV?

VRV Full Form

The VRV Full Form is “Variable Refrigerant Volume“, “Vacuum Reducer Valve” and “Visual Range Visibility“.

2# What is VRV Full Form in Hindi?

There are many Full Forms of VRV but there is VRV meaning in Hindi. So, the VRV Full Form in Hindi is “Variable Refrigerant Volume” = “चर रेफ्रिजरेंट वॉल्यूम“.

3# What does VRV stand for?

Mainly the VRV is Stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume“, “Ventricular Rate Variability“.

4# What is VRV?

The VRV is an acronym so it has many full form. Mainly the VRV is Stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume“.


you have learned all Full Forms of VRV so, Finally we conclude that the VRV mainly stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume“, “Ventricular Rate Variability“.

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