Psi Full Form || Psi full form Police

Psi Full Form || Psi full form Police

A full form of psi in police is a Police Sub Inspector, which is a person who is authorized to enforce the law by discovering, preventing, and investigating crimes, and to apprehend criminals.

PSI Full Form || PSI Meaning

All Types Of PSI                                                                                      PSI Meaning

PSI Full Form in Police            :-                                                     Police Sub Inspector

MPSC PSI                :-                                                              Maharashtra Public Service Commission
                                                                                                                       Police Sub Inspector

PSI Full Form      :-                                                                           Pound-force per square inch

Physicist (PSI): A science dealing with the acquisition of knowledge through experiment.
Police: Usually understood as a person who, as per English language, deals with matters of law enforcement or crime control. PSI can also use it to refer to any person who is in charge of any government or armed forces facility. PSI Officer Other Constables * UP Police offers different constables known as ”foot-men” or as a “tag-in” constable. The PSI (police Sub-inspector) is responsible for monitoring crimes, riots, and different public gatherings. * Constable is equivalent to “normal” constable, meaning a person employed by the Indian Government. These constables are known as “rank” constables. Constable stands for the term “indie,” meaning India.


PSI Full form in Police || PSI Structure

PSI usually joins as a constable. They typically work as drivers/trainers. Once in a while, they get some supervisory role. They are often given the extra duty of doing guard duty. PSI also does other tasks such as lock and critical duties. He or she is often seen as the bearer of the letter to others. He or she also helps the inspector to arrest suspects. In addition, He or she is also in charge of information about a criminal through his laptop computers or any other electronic gadget. When PSI becomes inspector or supervisory role, he usually makes himself responsible for the case. Sometimes, he is in charge of the team, and he is also the one who collects evidence and does the physical evidence with other team members. PSI is in charge of the Physical Evidence Laboratory.


PSI Ranks in Police

Officer Category Current Rank 1 – Psi Officer (P.S.I.) PSI full form is Police Sub Inspector. They are the highest rank for the Police Service of India. The cadets can get P.S.I. through a selection process. A new P.S.I. will get two chances to pass the examination to get promoted to a new P.S.I. Police Station Inspector: P.S.I. in charge of a police station like Thane and Mumbai Etc. A Sub Inspector or a Constable usually assists him.

Officer Category Current Rank 2 – P.S.I. in charge of a police station like Thane and Mumbai Etc. a Sub Inspector or a Constable generally administers him. Assistant Police Sub Inspector: P.S.I. in order of an intermediate or lower rank police station like Kurla or Byculla or Navi Mumbai Etc. Assistant Police Sub Inspector: P.S.I.


PSI Selection Process || Full Form of PSI

Since it is a rare post, a person interested in the position needs to fulfill the following requirements: He needs to be a Graduate. He should have at least one year of experience in a police station. He should know Hindi and English language. He should be a good communicator and be humble and
soft-spoken. He should also be fit and smartly dressed.

How To Apply To apply for the post of PSI, the aspirant must follow the given steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Board.

Step 2: Click on the link that reads, ‘Click Here To Apply For Uttar Pradesh Police Constable 2020-21’.

Step 3: You will be directed to another page.

Step 4: On the next page, click on ‘Click Here to Apply For UPTET 2020-21’.



Well, the main thing is that if you are an intelligent person and a good detective, you will be promoted to higher police ranks. The special powers of the police in India are pretty impressive, and you can also learn about those powers on the police list. It also provides the basic details and the different ranks of police.


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