CBD Pre-Rolls: A Complete Buying Guide

Whether you love smoking hemp for therapeutic purposes or health reasons, getting quality pre-rolled joints is important. Hemp products are still fairly new, and sourcing for the best brands can be challenging. Besides quality, you also have to worry about legal issues. 

Pre-rolls are perfect if you don’t have the time to roll your own joints. The quality of your pre-rolls depends on the type of hemp flower used. You must research about the hemp strains to understand the benefits and possible side effects. 

Herein, you will find helpful tips and pointers on where to buy pre-rolls.

Type of Flower

The quality of the pre-rolls depends on the type of flower used. Hemp flowers are graded into different categories depending on their quality. Newbies may struggle to determine the type of flower used. However, here is a little breakdown to help you understand the different grades of hemp flowers.

Premium flower makes the crème de la crème pre-rolled joints. It contains pure buds collected from the upper half of the plant. The buds are fuller and fluffier and the collection doesn’t contain any leaves, stems, or seeds. 

Smalls contain a mix of smaller hemp buds. The quality is similar to that of premium flowers. However, smalls are less full and fluffy than premium flowers. They are a good choice for hemp lovers who want to roll their joints. 

The last grade is trim, also known as shake. Pre-rolls made from trim contain a mix of leaves and debris collected when processing premium flowers. When buying your hemp flower, look at the quantity of shake or trim in the jar. 

Hemp Strain

There are different strains of hemp on the market. Hemp strains are either downers or lifters, and the therapeutic benefits are different. Downer strains have a calmer and more relaxing effect. They can also be used to fight insomnia and manage issues related to anxiety and panic attacks.

Lifter strains are perfect for an early morning smoking session to get your day started on a high. They can also elevate your energy and mood levels. Ensure that you research different hemp strains before buying the pre-rolls. 

Another thing to consider is the flavors. Some hemp strains possess an earthy taste with hints of herb, which can be tough for newbies who are after fruity and tropical flavors. Ask for recommendations from your seller before purchasing. 

Price and User Reviews 

Cost is a significant part, especially if you are ordering the pre-rolls from a different country. Consider the shipping fees and excise duties before ordering. We recommend going for weed dispensaries that offer free shipping services. 

Also, read user reviews from past buyers when looking for where to buy pre-rolls. Visit the seller’s social media pages and website to see what other people are saying about their pre-rolls. Avoid any seller with negative reviews or poor customer support service.

Wrapping Up

Pre-rolled joints are perfect if you don’t have time to roll them yourself. They are convenient for hemp lovers with busy schedules. The tips shared above will help you source the best pre-rolled joints that are well worth your money.


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