4 Reasons Your Frozen Food Business Should Choose ePac Flexibles for Your Packaging

Frozen food products have unique packaging requirements. Flexible materials for packaging these products must stand up to freezing temperatures and preserve the quality of products. Whether your frozen food business prefers stand-up or lay-flat custom printed Mylar bags, here are four reasons to partner with a service that uses digital printing to design custom flexible packaging for frozen food.

Flexible Packaging That Is Multifaceted

A flexible packaging service can recommend the best materials and package designs for frozen food. In addition to choosing a particular style of packaging, such as coffee packaging bags with degassing valves or food packages with ease-of-use features such as sliding zippers, the best service can support a multifaceted approach to product packaging.

Starting with package size and shape choices, a service can help your business design frozen food packages that are eye-catching in freezer aisle displays. From calculating the footprint of packaging to printing freezer-grade graphics, the right packaging service offers options throughout the design process that empower your business to customize every aspect of product packaging.

Personalized Custom Designs

Rather than making product packaging conform to preset templates, a packaging service that provides digital printing makes it possible for you to fully personalize and customize package designs. From brand logo placement to product graphics, your business can have complete control over package presentation.

Some frozen food brands prefer to take a traditional approach to frozen food packaging. Your business might be more interested in the opportunities offered by next-generation features, such as Quick Response codes that customers can scan with their smartphones to learn more about your brand or product. A flexible packaging company that provides digital printing services can allow for more personalization than conventional packaging suppliers.

Expert Product Packaging Guidance

Frozen food packaging calls for expertise that is not universal among flexible packaging companies. A service that works with a large number of food businesses has the experience necessary to recommend tried-and-true materials while still accommodating complete customization of package designs.

Packaging experts can also help your frozen food business factor in elements such as temperature-controlled shipping to decide on the insulating properties of packaging. Regardless of your supply chain and logistics requirements, the right service can ensure that product packaging meets the unique needs of your business.

Low Requirements and High Customizability

Digital package printing allows for low minimum order quantity requirements. The ability to affordably print short orders or variable runs of packaging designs can make a big difference when your business is experimenting with the possibilities of packaging for frozen food products. You can respond to customer feedback about redesigns or get packaging for limited edition or seasonally branded products.

Your business can trust a leading packaging service to recommend the best barrier films for frozen food and support customizable packaging design. Get the expert advice you need to make the right packaging decisions. A service that offers a wide selection of flexible materials and uses the latest digital printing technology can be the best packaging partner for any frozen food business.

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