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RAW Full Form: The History and Function of RAW 4 The Indian Counter-Intelligence Agency

RAW Full Form is the Research and Analysis Wing.


What is RAW? || RAW Full Form

The Research and Analysis Wing, also known as RAW, is a national spy agency of India responsible for collecting foreign intelligence. RAW collects and analyses information from various sources like media, diplomatic and official connections. RAW is responsible for conducting covert operations. RAW’s function is to focus on threats to India’s security and interests worldwide and act covertly.

RAW was formed in September 1968, and Rameshwar Nath Kao became its first Director. RAW is an Indian security agency under the Ministry of External Affairs. RAW conducts foreign espionage activities, which include collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence.


Why does RAW exist? || full form of raw || RAW Full Form

A Chief of RAW helps the foreign service, i.e., the Indian foreign ministry and other ministries of India, take action in an area of interest. Some of the areas of interest are Foreign Policy: Analyzing foreign internal and international policies and directing Indian foreign policy. The political climate in foreign countries: Projection of foreign politics and projecting them into a Pakistani perspective, acting as the country’s principal resource for learning foreign languages: Guiding India’s official and unofficial foreign policy.

Working as a contact between different foreign intelligence services: Undertaking dangerous missions in foreign countries, countering organized crime: Armed conflicts. Terrorism. Countering Subversion: Espionage and counter-espionage.


Who are RAW’s targets? || raw ka full form || RAW Full Form

Among the RAW targets, terrorists, spies, fugitives, terrorists, overseas entities, government officials, and foreign firms. Hacking is not the only activity of RAW. RAW has been cooperating with some western security agencies such as GCHQ in bugging governments and corporations and planning warfare against terrorists. RAW recruits its personnel through the best available sources, i.e., college and university graduates. It needs approximately 2000 to 3000 persons to make the agency. In November 2012, it posted nearly 5,000 people. Today, RAW is the premier intelligence agency in India. Note: 1. NewIndiaSecurity.com – RAW spy ring is responsible for the national security crisis of South Africa.


How do the people of India view RAW? || raw full form India

Currently, RAW is the primary spymaster in India’s cabinet. In the past, RAW was infamous for large-scale rights abuses, leading to numerous disappearances, arbitrary arrests, torture, cruel treatment. RAW has conducted covert operations against many countries. RAW itself plays a crucial role in India’s foreign policy. RAW first decided to aid the Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan to fight against the Communist regime in Kabul.

A program known as “Operation Cyclone” was put into place. RAW and CIA armed the pro-Soviet mujahideen fighters to fight against the Afghan Communists. RAW first even established “Pakistan” in Pakistan. This became an effective tactic in the waging of the Afghan War. But the Soviet Union intervened on the side of the Afghan Communists.


RAW’s financial support and funding || raw agent full form || RAW Full Form

Since the formation of RAW, there have been seven Directors, and now it is headed by Shri Kiren Rijiju, Indian Foreign Minister. RAW traced,located, and helped India to have prevented the most damaging terrorist attacks 1971 Black September: RAW played a vital role in preventing the larger War between Pakistan and India from breaking out, including reconnaissance and surveillance activity, reporting and collection of intelligence, analysis of Pakistani Army strength, and assistance with the evacuation of the family of POWs.

1971 War: The following year, India moved its army from Nepal into Pakistan and was involved in some ground fighting.


Conclusion || RAW Full Form

RAW is a secret military organization in India that manages all kinds of intelligence collection as an intelligence agency. RAW has the mission to Accelerate development and expansion of Indian defense and strategic intelligence capabilities Facilitate India’s protection and strategic decision making Monitor any events that may change the status quo in the region Assist in safeguarding India’s vital security interests Help facilitate India’s defense and strategic decision making
Support other intelligence-gathering efforts in India Report directly to the Prime Minister of India Ensure proper national security and intelligence flow. RAW is the oldest of India’s secret agencies, forming in 1968. The name RAW was named after an insect called a brown recluse spider.

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