TRP Full Form || What Is The TRP? The TV Ratings You Need 2 Know

TRP Full Form || What Is The TRP? The TV Ratings You Need 2 Know

TRP Full Form is Television Rating Point. A television rating point or TRP is the percentage of the total number of households with televisions that are tuned to a particular program at a particular time. The term is used primarily in the United States and Canada, but also in other countries such as the United Kingdom, India, and Singapore.


TV Ratings || TRP full form

According to Statista, US ratings are 7.67, second to the world, where the ratings are 34.55. You can compare TRP with ratings. The difference is that ratings are the number of users in a TV set with no other problem, such as online streaming or mobile viewership. TRP refers to the number of people who are watching that particular program. The number of people who have tuned in to watch a show divided by the total number of TV sets is the TRP.

To get the number of people who have tuned in to watch a show on one TV, the figure is divided by all the TV sets in the country. That is, a show with a higher TRP has a higher viewership rate. How Do TRP and Ratings Calculate? TV ratings measure viewership based on a scale of 1 to 5. One is the lowest, and five is the highest.


TRP || full form of TRP

Reliance News, in its blog, confirmed that TRP would not be available in the Windows Store. Microsoft has stated that the users will access the source to the same but not the original program name. “The source of the data is the original program file (DVR file or OTA file, if it’s available). We have fixed the problem where “Time Limit” (required to record shows) was turned off for some TRP and TV apps,” Reliance News quoted a Microsoft spokesperson.

According to Microsoft, the way to get the complete TRP information would be to use your TV, iPad, or other mobile device connected to the Internet, go to and use the Windows Store.


TRP and People Meter || TRP full form in media

People’s meters are not new, and they were being used for television ratings forever, but they were primarily manual. A single person was assigned to monitor the TV sets and gather data. The scope of the rating was very narrow as compared to the present one. It did not include people from large cities or rural areas. It’s not anymore.

The scope of the people meter has widened, and it’s now being used to measure a large population. The People Meter is often connected to TV sets with a built-in high-tech device that uses a laser. The laser beam is locked to the TV set, which is then analyzed to determine the number of people watching the program. The accuracy of these people’s meters is highly impressive.


TRP and Advertisers || full form of TRP in media

The ratings can determine the advertising revenue for a particular television channel. The advertisers are eager to have their ad placed on the TRP most viewed track. It helps them to pay more for a single commercial. This is why ad rates are high in India. TRP, therefore, forms an essential part of the popularization of a television channel. The primary revenue sources of a television channel are the cable operators who pay for the TRP.

The major players are all for it. The cable operators pay on a per-view basis. Advertisers typically place their ads on popular channels. This way, TRP provides advertisers with an opportunity to make a more significant profit.


The TRP Process || what is the full form of TRP

TRP data is collected by what is called a “people meter.” A “people meter” is the piece of equipment that determines the viewership of tv shows. It monitors tv ratings with more than 50million people all over the world. The purpose of having a “people meter” is to determine the actual viewers of tv shows which show you are watching. People meters use a data mining technique to determine the viewership of shows that are monitored on tv.

The data analysis is done by combining a massive amount of data with an algorithm known as “the Fibonacci Code.” The result of the algorithm is the TV ratings and how that data is passed to the people meter. If your show is shown on a “people meter,” then the data the show shows will get automatically given to it.


Conclusion || TRP Full Form

Remember the brilliant show Yeh Meri Life Hai in its last phase and was being watched by only a few hundred? Then what happened in just two days? The show’s TRP went from 0.3 to 2.6. So, the number of viewers is the critical factor when it comes to TRP. For instance, when Salman Khan returned to the show, it took only two days to reach 1.8 TRP.

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