Best OSRS Melee Gears in 2022

In Old School RuneScape, melee osrs gear is the first choice of most players when it comes to defeating monsters. There are three types of gears in OSRS and you have the option to go with different armor pieces, weapons, and shields based on your desired character build. Below is the best osrs melee gear guide to help you choose the gear with the best stats.

Best Melee Weapons

With melee weapons, you don’t need any runes or arrows so they are cheap compared to weapons of other categories. To train the melee skill, you only need to slay monsters with your sword on the map. Here are the five best melee weapons that you can equip in OSRS for your next adventure.

Ghrazi Rapier

Ghrazi rapier is a slashing weapon in OSRS that features a high attack speed making it the best slasher. Along with the attack speed, it also comes up with high stab and strength bonuses making it a general use weapon. To get it, you need to complete “the theatre of blood raids” quest.

3rd Age Longsword

The 3rd age longsword is the ultimate weapon of player killers in RuneScape but getting it is a difficult task because of its rarity. If you are lucky enough, you will receive it from the master reward casket drop.

Scythe of Vitur

The scythe of Vitur gives you the ability to deal damage to three different monsters at the same. It is a two-handed slash weapon which means that you can’t equip a shield with it. If you want to train the melee skill, this is the best option as you can kill more enemies in less time. Combine it with a holy ornament to make the holy scythe of Vitur.

Dragon Scimitar

To use the dragon scimitar, you need a minimum attack level of 60 and complete the monkey madness 1 quest. It is a powerful weapon in its category which can disarm the prayer of other players.

Saradomin Godsword

Saradomin Godsword features a good slash and strength bonus for player-vs-player scenarios. You can get it by slaying monsters in god wars dungeon or create it by combining a Saradomin hilt with a Godsword blade. The special attack increases your accuracy and maximum hit rate by more than 10%. By using the special attack of the Saradomin Godsword which is also known as the “healing blade”, you can restore prayer and hit points gradually.

Best Melee Armor

The melee armor is usually made up of metals such as bronze or dragon and you can craft some low-level armor by yourself. For the high-level armor, you need to kill certain monsters and gather their lot. If you are a metal armor lover and looking for armor with high stats, melee armor is your best option. Some of the best melee armor available in the game are given below.

Justiciar Armor

You need defense level 75 to equip the justiciar armor but its defensive stats are unmatched. There is a full set of justiciar that you can equip for more bonus. To get this armor, you need to complete some raids in the theatre of the blood.

Obsidian Armor

With the full obsidian armor, you will get a 10% accuracy and melee strength boost. To get this armor, go to the equipment store of TzHaar-Hur-Zal and purchase it from there. It is a mid-tier armor set that you can equip after upgrading the defense skill to level 60.  

Bandos Armor

Go to the god wars dungeon and kill general graardor to get Bandos armor AKA the best mid-tier armor piece. You don’t get more strength bonuses with any other armor piece in Old School RuneScape than the Bandos Armor.

The entire Bandos armor set will cost you around forty million gold coins but it is worth the amount. It consists of a chest plate, tassets, and boots but getting all three at the early stages of the game is pretty rare and you need to grind for them. It isn’t suitable for magic or range builds as it features negative magic and ranged attack as well as defense bonuses.

Inquisitor’s Armor

For those who want to increase their damage per second, Inquisitor’s Armor is the perfect match for them. It increases the damage and the accuracy of all the other pieces by 0.5% which doesn’t look that much in numbers but it makes a big difference in the long run. You can equip all three pieces at the same time to get a 1% bonus.

3rd Age Armor

If you have some extra amount in Old School and looking for melee armor to complete your setup. The 3rd Age Armor offers a higher defense bonus compared to other melee armor pieces including Bandos armor. Save some money and gather clue scrolls to unlock the 3rd Age Armor for free.  


Important equipment can help you greatly improve in the game, and at the same time have a special feeling for the experience of the game. The rise in popularity has led to these items being sold at such low prices that there are suddenly so many of them. So if you’re short on cash and need some good equipment, you can easily get it by buying OSRS Gold through RSgoldfast

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