How to tackle things during van hire

Vans and other vehicle hiring are always important to people even in some extreme conditions. People these days need vehicles to hire especially in an emergency. Whether you have to go to an important place or are in an emergency the van hire at various companies are always open for services.

But customers are humans and may make some mistakes. So without panicking you should know how to tackle things and always be prepared for it. By doing so you would calmly handle the damage instead of panicking more and creating more damages.

 Before hiring process 

When hiring a van you need to contact or email the company’s website to select the desired vehicle. A thorough checking for the interior and exterior of the vehicles can be done by a walk-in review of the company’s area.

Any company’s priority is the safety of their customer and employees. Proper delivery and collection of vans for hire purposes are done by the employees of the company who are themselves cautious with everything. Online payment and agreement are done beforehand to avoid any mistakes. 

The vehicles’ maintenance is assured before delivering it. But still, you should check by yourself every crucial thing before hiring.

These were the things to be kept in mind before any van hire or cheap van hire. But what if things go wrong? What if you are unable to return the vehicle in time or cause any damage to it?

Below are the things you should know when things go out of hand.

Customer’s responsibilities at NVR

Just like the company maintain its services to its customers and with utmost care and attention they deliver the desired vehicles, it’s also important for customers to keep the hired vehicle safe. Customers should return the hired vehicle in the same condition as when hired. If you notice any damage to the vehicle before it’s hiring it’s better to take photographs of it and address it to the company. This would ensure you of not pay for extra damage.

Addressing the damage caused 

If you cause any damage while the van hire the process you should immediately inform the company about it. The company would take further action about it. Nothing but some extra charges will apply to damaged caused by you. The credit card information provided to the company is used to compensate for any kind of damage.

Another thing is what would happen if you are unable to return the hired vehicle on time? The answer is you will be charged an extra fee for it. Along with extra charges, you will be charged an extra day’s rental. The Nationwide Vehicle Rentals do not accept late returns, instead add it to next days rental. So, if you know you’ll be, late, it’s good to inform the company about it.

After hiring the vehicle and while driving it, if you meet with an accident then what will happen? Usually, the cars or vans at the NVR are insured. So most likely the insurance company would take care of the damage completely. The person ending up with the accident might not have to pay for anything. The company calls the rental cars insurance company and counteract the damage caused by the accident. The victim is consoled by the company to their family for its loss.

What if a customer wants to keep the rental van for hire for an extra day? The solution is If you return the vehicle in two and a thirty minutes or more than that from the time you rented it on a subsequent day, you will have to pay additional day of rental. 

Also if you need more vans for hire? If on the journey you think you need an extra van or car but haven’t booked for it, then you should call the company. The Nationwide Vehicle Rentals would provide you an extra van or car you require. However, it would take time to deliver the vehicle to you and would cost you the same. So, not only extra time but extra money is also used for the late hiring. 

The later hiring of vehicles would affect your journey and if you have a business, it would create a great loss. It will lead to further loss as time is a key in any business. So, it’s important to plan and manage everything you need before finally hiring the vehicles.

What if you do not return the rental car and decide to keep it for yourself? It’s a bad decision to do so. If you rent a car or can and you refuse to return it, you are depriving the owner of the property, that is the car rental company, NVR. In this case, the Nationwide Vehicle Rentals takes strict action and would call the police and report it as the van or car stolen. And that would also lead you to be charged with auto theft.

So, a deep research and awareness among customers is required. Before knowing the terms and conditions of the company you should not hire vehicles. 

For every details and awareness of things like this you can even follow NVR on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and news.

If anyone has a question or need advice, the helpline numbers and email are available on the website to contact. People can share the NVR website through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, email, and even through fax. By this, you can familiarise your family, friends and relatives who need rental and cheap van hire services. Helping them to get to know this UK’s best rental services would be the best favour you can do to them. The quick and appreciating services are perfect for when people need help in an emergency.


Nationwide Vehicle Rentals are a trustworthy company with a good reputation. It’s widespread and maintained with security. So knowing the company first and hiring seriously with awareness is important for customers. The above-mentioned things help you to tackle any problems you face in van hiring.


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