The Important Features of Men’s Running Shoes 

You have been considering buying a pair of running shoes for your morning jog, and now the time to get them has come. You walk into a store, only to be mesmerized by the wide variety of colorful running shoes on display.

At first, you are excited before it hits you that it won’t be easy finding the best men’s running shoes for you. Welcome to the club. Not many people know the essential features to look for when buying men’s running shoes.

When choosing men’s running shoes either from a physical or online store, there are several factors you need to consider. The most important is the comfortability of the shoes. However, there are other important features you should consider if you want shoes that promote healthy running. 

Mesh Knitted Upper

The shoe upper is the material that encases the upper part of the foot. Modern running shoes have a mesh fabric for breathability purposes. The mesh fabric also makes the shoes comfortable and flexible.

When running, various joints of the foot constantly move up and down or forward and backwards. The slightly stretchable shoe upper prevents blisters while making you feel comfortable in the shoes even after wearing them for an extended period. 


Have you ever run in heavy shoes? It feels like you are dragging a heavy load. Running with heavy shoes slows you down, drains your energy, and can end up causing injuries to your feet.

Men’s running shoes are designed to be light. Everything from the shoe’s upper, outsole, midsole, and the insole is made with materials that are light. As a result, you get to run faster, longer, and with minimal chances of injury. 

Tread and Groove Patterns on the Outsole

When running, you need maximum traction on various trails and road surfaces. Otherwise, you will keep slipping now and then. Men’s running shoes have tread and groove patterns on the outer sole. The treads and grooves cause friction which prevents slipping when running.

In addition to the waffle tread patterns, the outsoles are made up of carbon rubber. Carbon rubber is durable, heat resistant, hardwearing, and offers grip on slippery surfaces. 

Minimal Heel-to-Toe Ratio

This is the difference in the thickness of the heel cushion and the toe cushion of a shoe. Men’s running shoes should have more material under the heel to minimize the landing or running impact on the runner’s feet. The minimum heel-toe drop in running shoes should be 6 mm. The thicker the material under the heel, the greater the heal-toe drop. 

Night-Time Reflectivity

Some people prefer running slightly before the sun rises or sets to avoid the heat of the day. However, running in the darkness can be dangerous, especially on busy streets and roads.

For years, men’s running shoes have featured bright reflective colors. The reflective materials are incorporated into running shoes for safety reasons. In addition to other reflective running gear, the bright reflect colors of the running shoes enable runners to be visible in the dark. 

Wide Toe Box

Running shoes should have additional room to allow runners to wiggle their toes. A narrow toe box clamps the toes together, increasing the chances of hammertoes, soreness, and bunions after a long run.

Spreading out toes increases stability and leverage while running and makes you feel comfortable inside the shoes. Therefore, when buying a pair of running shoes for men, you should ensure they have a wide toe box so that your toes can be the natural tripod they are meant to be. 

Removable Insoles

Almost every pair of good-quality running shoes you will come across will have removable insoles. Manufacturers put removable insoles in running shoes to allow cleaning and replacement.

After using your running shoes several times, the insole becomes dirty and starts tearing up. In some cases, the insole may tear up even before the shoes show any sign of wearing.

You cannot throw out a good-looking shoe because the insole is torn out. The removability of the insoles allows you to take them out for cleaning and replace them with new, comfortable ones in case the current ones are torn up or uncomfortable. 

EVA Midsole

Even though rubber is a good material for the outsole, it is not the best material for the midsole. As such, EVA is the material used for the midsole for men’s running shoes.

This foam material between the upper and outsole reduces the weight of the shoes while increasing their comfort and shock absorption capabilities.


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