Titan Vape: Uses, Parts, and Where to Buy

The world is changing for the better, with innovations such as the Titan Vape emerging as one of the best ways of vaping. Vaping offers more options and greater flexibility than traditional smoking. A variety of devices, settings, e-juices, and dry vaping herbs satisfy the needs of any vaper.  

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It is easy to assume that all vapes use e-juice, but the Titan Vape uses dry herbs like CBD flowers. They are heated to a very high temperature in a chamber. Importantly, the herbs are vaporized rather than burned or combusted. This has been the best alternative for vapers who find it hard to get e-liquids or just enjoy the experience of vaping dry ingredients. With that said, let’s look at a simple guide to the Titan Vape.

Parts of a Titan Vape 

Before we jump into more details, let’s first understand the parts of a Titan Vaporizer. 

  •   The mouthpiece – Just as the name suggests, this is the uppermost part of a Titan Vape, which is the area where you place your mouth. It is normally round in shape and easy to notice. 
  •   Mesh filter – The work of a mesh filter is to filter the vapor before it is inhaled. Because you are using dry ingredients, there is a higher chance of small particles that could escape into the mouthpiece if there were no filter. 
  •   Heating chamber – This is the main part of your Vape Titan. It is the place where dry ingredients are heated. It is just below the mesh filter. 
  •   A small battery – Every vaping device requires a battery to power the creation of heat. 
  •   USB port – Vape Titan comes with a micro-USB connector that allows you to charge the battery when it is low. 

Where to Buy a Titan Vape 

There are various places where one can get a Titan Vaporizer. They include these great options.

  •   Online e-cigarette stores – Online stores offer buyers quality vape products like the ePuffer Titan Vape. Online retailers have a variety of products to choose from and are reliable and transparent to their customers. Just visit their sites, and you will get to learn more about them. 
  •   Health stores – Vape products are now used for health conditions, such as CBD flower for chronic pain relief or nicotine-free e-juice as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Therefore, you can always find them in health stores near you. Just check the laws in your location to see what is legal before purchasing.

What Are Some of Its Uses? 

There are numerous benefits you can get from a Titan Vape.

  •   A good alternative to tobacco smoking – What makes Titan Vape unique is the fact that it replaces smoke with vapor. With tobacco smoking, a lot of harmful compounds such as carbon monoxide and tar are inhaled, hence causing life-threatening conditions such as failure of the lungs and cancers. Vaping with high-quality e-juice or dry herbs is a better option for your health.
  •   No lingering smell – When one inhales the vapor, the smell evaporates quickly in the air. This is a significant contrast to cigarette smoking, which leaves a strong odor and a residue that sticks to items such as furniture and clothes. 


The Titan Vaporizer is growing in popularity in most parts of the world. People are adopting vaping for the flexibility, variety, superior experience, and health advantages that it offers over smoking traditional cigarettes. Maybe you are ready to make the switch too.   




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