Add Bling to Your Festive Ensemble with Potli Bags

In addition to being used as an element to create a fashion statement, potli bags are frequently carried with ethnic clothing at weddings and other festive events. Designer potlis are crafted from materials like crepe and embellished with glistening details. The potli bag has changed from a traditional Vedic-era utility bag to a fashion piece for contemporary Indian women. Its appearance has changed from that of a drawstring bag made of plain cloth to that of a creative, captivating, and occasionally brilliant accessory. Over the years, numerous Indian designers have redesigned them. They still have that old-world charm, but now they come with lots of embellishments and make great fashion statements. A rich fabric, typically silk, satin, or velvet, is used to make potlis. In addition to that, the primary material used to create potlis is a beautiful fabric, typically silk, satin, or velvet, which is decorated and fitted with a drawstring for opening and closing.   

What are potli bags? 

Potli bags available online are trendy fashion accessories. On festive occasions like weddings and festivals, these bags are frequently used with ethnic clothing. Potlis function as a bright accent to your style. The designer potlis, in other words, can effortlessly enhance your ethnic appearance and help you stand out from the crowd. These bags are typically made from luxurious fabrics and have elaborate patterns, emphasizing craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage. A beautiful gift for your loved ones can be made out of potlis because they are so glistening and eye-catching. The potlis are incredibly intricate and one-of-a-kind.  

You will look fabulous as you attend the occasion in style because of their rigorous handcrafting and fine finishing. The bridal potlis are adorned with trademark embroidery and splashed with vibrant colours. These potli bags are cheerful and lively, and you may carry them with lehengas, weddings, and other ethnic outfits like gharara and sharara sets. However, you can also carry the Potlis with western clothing in addition to carrying them with traditional attire. Combining potlis with western clothing complements your look. So, even if you carry a potli bag with a maxi skirt or jeans, you will definitely turn heads! 


What kind of potli bags are there? 

Handbags for women come in a variety of stylish, contemporary, and classic designs, and one of the most useful and stylish bags are potli bags. In addition to their beautiful designs, the potlis are practical and simple to use. The stylish potlis come with a sleek gold chain so you can carry them on your shoulder in addition to the drawstrings that tighten or loosen the potli bag. Therefore, carrying a bridal potli is the wisest option if you intend to attend a wedding soon. Your phone, charger, essentials for makeup like kohl and lip lacquer, keys, and more will be thrown into your designer bags easily. These potlis are made to look effortless when you wear them to events. These bags serve a purpose in addition to being decorative. Brief descriptions of several potli bag types are given below.  

Potli Gold Bags

This kind of potli would be the perfect bridal potli bag because of its gorgeous golden foundation. This is a bag designed for important events. Therefore, save this potli to your favourites if you’re seeking a potli for a wedding. This potli will spruce up your conventional style with its elaborate and textured mirror work and golden-hued pom-poms. You can either match your clothing to this golden potli bag or play with traditional colour-blocking. As for contrasts, you can wear this potli with a red-toned outfit or a black outfit and this gold potli to create a black and gold style. This designer purse can also make neutral clothing look more vibrant. For instance, it can help you appear good in a white outfit or a lemon-yellow saree.   

Potli Champagne Bags- 

This bag, which is adorned with striking accents, would be the ideal travel companion for a celebratory event. This lovely purse features stunning gold embellishments on the basis of neutral tones, as well as recognizable embroidery as its focal point. Due to its colour, you may wear this potli with practically any outfit. These potli bags will complement all of your different outfits, whether they are colourful or earthy. If you are looking for styling advice, pair this purse with an eye-catching outfit like an ethnic suit in orange or purple or something more subdued, like an ivory saree or a pastel pink lehenga.  

Pink Potli Orchid-

This beautiful potli can help you stand out from the crowd with its orchid-pink base and accents of pastel-toned stones. This potli bag in orchid pink has been wonderfully decorated with sequins and sparkles. It can undoubtedly brighten up your appearance. Additionally, this purse may be used in conventional and western attire because of its playful design components. You can pair it with your pink, ivory, and yellow sarees and sharara sets with traditional attire. Regarding the western, you can create a distinctive appearance by wearing this potli with your lovely floral or pastel skirts, brocade pantsuits, or even jeans and a white shirt. Therefore, show off during gatherings like weddings, semi-formal parties, or brunches with your friends.   

Women’s potli bags are essential wardrobe items. The bridal potlis available online are used for carrying necessities like a phone charger, lip balm, and other small accessories on festive occasions, in addition to improving your appearance. These handbags for women and accessories are produced by the Indian designer firm Fizzy Goblet using traditional Indian crafts that have been given a chic and contemporary makeover. The brand continually attempts to offer innovative, fashionable, and classic collections. By giving ancient Indian crafts a modern spin, the brand has been able to gradually transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Each piece has been painstakingly designed to always be a comfortable, versatile, elegant, and upscale handbag for ladies. 


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