Sunglasses make a fashion statement, at the same time as it is functional. Men’s sunglasses in Australia are considered an essential that one cannot do without because of those sunny days. Aussies cannot do without their favourite frames, and it is always good to have a couple of distinctive or offbeat styles in the dresser. 

So here are a few frame ideas that everyone should own: 

Style 1: Mens’ Square Sunglasses:

It is one of the simplest yet classic styles. Do not worry about it going out of trend as it will always be timeless. It is a more modern upgrade to the earlier rectangular sunglasses. Square frames suit a wide range of faces. So one need not stress too much whether or not it will fit them. Frames are easier to select if one figures out what their face shape is. Long, round and oval faces are the perfect face shapes that go best with this frame. 

This shape is generally considered innately masculine, so to speak, because of its sharp outlines and definition. So flaunt that Robert Downey jr flair by wearing these! It can accentuate the cheekbones, making one’s face seem more angular.

Styles to check out:

Green lenses have always been in trend but try experimenting with frames. For instance, grey looks good with such pairing. Patterned frames are also a huge hit. For people who like unconventional styles, this is an answered prayer. Such a frame also visually softens the strong angles of a face.  

For a sportier look, try a square frame with soft edges. These sunglasses imitate the contour of the face. And they provide more efficient sun protection. 

Polarized lenses reduce glare and offer more shielding from detrimental UV rays. Polycarbonate lenses are sturdy and can withstand rough use. So wear them without worrying about accidents.

Style 2: Round Sunglasses:

The retro look never fails to grab eyeballs. It is a vintage style that has been trending since John Lennon popularized it. Since then, numerous variations have come into the market. Today it is available in metal and polycarbonate frames. Wear them to give an outfit a laid-back 80s feel. 

Styles to check out:

When it comes to men’s sunglasses in Australia, if one wants to honour traditions while appearing contemporary, consider these. 

It plays well with square, heart, and diamond face shapes. Opt for dark lenses for an everyday look and mirrored ones if one wants a fun beach look. 

 Heart-shaped faces should avoid the double-bridged versions, but those with rectangular faces can do well with styles that draw attention to their brow line. 

Style 3: Unique Frame Colors:

For those who love adventure, and exploring follow this tip. Coloured frames are a lot of fun and add an extra dimension to all outfits. It is a sure-fire way to stand out in a sea of plain frames. 

Styles to check out:

Patterned frames look great for those with features like blue eyes and blonde hair. Ones that resemble patterns like tiger stripes, leopard prints, and navy frames are rather popular. Coloured frames also accentuate and make an outfit more special.

Let the style, print, and frame reflect the personality. Go for functional designs that offer the best protection and are durable. Have differently styled ones and coloured frames that go with specific outfits. 

Ensure that the frames match the outfit and the setting. For instance, coloured ones that are bold are more suited for a party look, while muted shades are suited for a formal occasion. Polarized sunglasses are a wise investment as they offer much-needed protection. 





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