7 Tips on How to Choose A Mattress to Promote a Healthier Sleep

Having enough sleeping time is crucial for one’s health. Poor sleep is usually associated with increased body weight, decreased concentration and productivity, and even poses a greater risk of heart disease development and stroke attacks. With these said, it is pretty obvious that getting adequate rest is essential.

Many factors contribute to the reasons why one cannot seem to sleep. It can be due to pre-existing conditions, stress from work or school, or simply they’re not so tired yet. On the one hand, this is not always the case. For most people, the root of the problem doesn’t have anything to do with themselves but rather the mattress they are using.

A good mattress promotes a night of good sleep, therefore, a healthier lifestyle. On the other hand, maybe your current mattress is already old and doesn’t give you the comfort it once gave you. In this case, it’s probably time to switch to a new one. And if you’re new to mattress shopping, you may find the tips below very useful to help you choose the best mattress.

Get Familiar With the Mattress Types

Mattresses have different types, and it’s best to have enough knowledge about them. The oldest type is the innerspring bed which contains coil springs at its core. However, a lot of new types are also beginning to attract many buyers. Among the best mattresses and probably the most purchased types nowadays are foam, hybrid, and natural. Other types, such as smart mattresses, which include high-tech features, are also becoming mainstream.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Your ultimate goal when buying a mattress should be your comfort. To help you decide whether a mattress can give you comfort or not, you can start by considering your preferred sleeping position. Each type of sleeping position corresponds to a certain comfort level of a mattress.

For instance, side-sleepers find that softer mattresses give them comfort in their hip and shoulder areas, whereas firmer ones are better for stomach- or back-sleepers to help align their spine and avoid waking up with back pain.

Think About the Mattress Size

Mattress size matters, too. Some people do not think hard enough about what size they are going to purchase. But actually, this criterion should be part of your list of top things to consider when buying a mattress. This also follows that you have to take into account the size of your bedroom. In other words, you have to make sure that the mattress you’re going to buy is not too small for you but not too big that it will take too much room space either.

Ask For Your Doctor’s Recommendation

Persistent muscle tension in the back and neck may further lead to pain in these areas. So before that happens, it is vital that you address these conditions early on. While your doctor or physical therapists are not mattress masters, they do know your medical conditions.

That’s why they may give some pretty good advice from that perspective. For example, regarding neck and back pain concerns, they may recommend mattresses that can put your spine in a neutral position to promote spine alignment.

Know Where To Buy

The launching of the internet has created a new definition of what was known to be the “marketplace.” Now, the market is not only limited to brick-and-mortar stores but also extends to the virtual space. Thanks to technology, you can now purchase any item online, even items as big as a mattress.

Both physical and online stores have their share of pros and cons. For instance, you can try the mattress yourself in physical showrooms, but store prices can be high. On the other hand, shopping online offers quality mattresses at lower prices, though you can only check it through its pictures and other descriptive details. Therefore, the best thing to do here is weighing their benefits and drawbacks before deciding where to buy.

Check Its Warranty

It is also important to check for the mattress’ warranty. There are unavoidable cases, though not all the time, that an item delivered at your doorstep may have defects or damages, maybe while being shipped or delivered. Also, some mattresses may have been good for a few days or weeks, but then it suddenly breaks down.

These are among the many reasons why a mattress warranty is important to secure. A good warranty offer is usually a 10-year full replacement or, in some cases, a non-prorated warranty.

Stick To Your Budget

A mattress is no small item and definitely not a small purchase to make. Hence, you have to be prepared to splurge a little. However, you must remember that expensive doesn’t always mean the best. The best one still depends on whether it can give you the comfort and support you need. So there’s no use buying the most expensive one if it still won’t give you comfort. That’s why always consider the type of mattress to buy and stick to your budget.


In this world where everything demands your time, sleep is already compromised. However, always remember that without proper rest, a healthier lifestyle can’t be achieved. That’s why you have to do everything you can just to get a good sleep the moment you go to bed — and if that means switching to a better and more comfortable mattress, then so be it.

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