Cruise Ship Injury Claims: How to Get Compensation for Your Injuries

Over twenty million people book cruises yearly; since 2000, 300 people have fallen overboard. Many find the claims process unnecessarily long, confusing, and complex. Cruise ship injuries can occur when you least expect them.

If a slip, trip, or fall occurred onboard, you might have an injury claim against the cruise ship operator. Find more info about getting claiming damages after sustaining a cruise ship injury.

Report Accident to Ship Staff

You should report the injury immediately so the cruise line can investigate your case. It helps determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation and helps the cruise line decide what type of damages to offer you if a fault exists.

If you do not report an accident immediately, then there may be no one to blame for your injuries or no way for your lawyer to prove that someone else was negligent in causing your injuries.

Seek Medical Attention

After you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Without medical attention, proving the accident caused the injuries can be challenging.

The cruise ship medical staff will treat you to recover and avoid further injury. Suppose you do not recover from your injuries after visiting the ship’s doctor. In that case, visit your doctor or emergency room for further evaluation and treatment.

Some injuries are apparent immediately, but others aren’t as easy to spot. For example, when you twist your ankle during a fall on board a cruise ship, it might not be clear that it’s broken until days later when the swelling starts. If you don’t seek treatment at the time of your accident, then the court may not consider your injury valid.

Document How the Accident Happened

It’s essential to document the accident. It helps you if you pursue a claim against the cruise line.

First, take photos of yourself and your injuries. These should include close-up shots of your injuries and pictures showing how the accident occurred. For example, if you were injured when falling stairs because they were slippery, take photos from above and below to show how many stairs there were and where they led up.

Take photos of objects that may have caused your injuries, such as broken glass or spilled chemicals. It’s also important to take pictures of witnesses who saw what happened so they can corroborate your story later on.

If the cruise ship has CCTV footage, request it from the captain or staff and add it as evidence against them in court.

Finally, write down all the details of what happened in chronological order:

Where were you at what time
What did you see/hear/experience
Who else was involved; how did they react?

Keep this written record with your other documentation so it’s easier for lawyers or insurance companies to understand what happened during the accident and how it affects their liability in the case.

Take Witnesses’ Contacts

Before filing any claim, you must gather the witnesses’ contact information. They will be witnesses in a lawsuit if you file. Also, the insurance company will want to speak with these witnesses before paying your claim. Ensure you get their names, phone numbers, and email addresses to pass them along to the insurance company.

Contact them and let them know about it. You can send them an email or a letter explaining what happened and how they can help with your case

Document Financial Losses

Documentation will help you prove that you suffered economic damages due to your injuries, which may make it easier for you to receive compensation. Obtain receipts and other documentation proving that you have paid out money due to being injured while on vacation.

If you are filing a claim, it is best to bring all this information when visiting a lawyer or insurance company representative. The lawyer will ask you for proof regarding any costs associated with your injuries, including medical bills, transportation expenses (such as cab fare), lost wages due to time off work, and more.

How Long Does It Take to Make an Injury Claim?

You have three years after an accident to make a personal injury claim for damages. It’s the period in which you can make your claim, beginning from the date of the incident. You will lose your right to compensation if you cannot file within this time frame.

What Is the Importance of filing a claim after an accident on a cruise ship?

Injuries sustained on a cruise ship have a significant monetary impact, but filing a claim might assist in easing that burden.

If you were injured on a cruise ship or aboard a shore excursion and suffered from medical malpractice or a cruise line’s negligence, you will likely be entitled to compensation. The crew members who work on cruises are there to provide excellent customer service, but what happens when they fail to uphold that end of their responsibility? Injuries can always occur at sea, which is why there are injury attorneys ready to take your case and help get you the compensation you deserve.

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