The Best Places to Go Rifle Hunting

The Best Places to Go Rifle Hunting

The number of American hunters has been on the decline for decades. However, in 2020, as the pandemic forced everyone to stay home, the number of new hunting licenses surged nationwide.

Countless new hunters are hitting the field this season, and most are in search of whitetail deer, the most popular big game animal in the country.

Are you a new deer hunter wondering where to go hunting this season? Wondering what the best places are for rifle hunting?

Deer hunting is available in every state, but some are much better hunting opportunities than others. Keep reading below to figure out where to go.

The South

If you’re looking for states with easy to access public land, with over-the-counter (OTC) deer tags, then head south to Alabama and Mississippi.

Hunting opportunity is ripe, and the weather doesn’t get nearly as cold during the late fall and early winter. Whatever forest you end up in, you’ll never be too far from agricultural fields, which are the ideal habitats for deer.

They love the edges where forest and fields meet. Fields for food and forests for cover.

Georgia is also a great state for the DIY hunting group looking to travel to a new place. Tags and licenses are affordable, and the statewide bag limit is 12 deer. So if you get lucky, you can harvest quite a few animals to fill the freezer.

In Northern Georgia, you can hunt in the mountains or the rolling hills north of Atlanta. In the southern part of the state, you’ll get swamps and prairie land. Both are filled with deer.


Looking for adventure in the high country? Idaho is an excellent rifle hunting destination, whether you plan to chase Whitetail deer, larger Mule deer, or elk.

Tags are available on a pure lottery system, so you need to worry about hunting loyalty points or anything confusing.

While hunting in the mountains is a lot more work, and involves a lot more hiking, the incredible views, and larger-sized deer are worth the effort.


Wyoming has the rolling plains across much of the state. But it also has some stark mountain territory as well.

Most people that hunt Wyoming are either chasing elk or antelope. But there are plenty of deer around, and they age quite nicely in this state.

Hunt Wyoming for a beautiful landscape and plentiful deer hunting opportunities.

Gearing Up for Rifle Hunting

Depending on where you plan to hunt, you might not need a ton of gear when rifle hunting. Of course, you’ll want a quality rifle with a good scope on it.

But you can get started for a few hundred bucks. Check this shop for more information.

You’ll need camp, along with layers that will keep you warm and dry during any conditions. If you’re hunting in the south or Midwest, you might want either a tree stand or a hunting blind.

And of course, you’ll need a hunting license and deer tag for any state you plan to hunt.

Just Get Out There

There’s no bad place to go rifle hunting. Any state, any forest, or any plot of land that you can legally hunt is better than nothing.

Whether you plan to travel cross country or drive to a WMA a few minutes from your home, the most important thing is to get out into the field. The more time spent hunting, the greater your chances of a harvest.Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.



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