The Different Types of Reckless Driving That Lead to Severe Accidents

Auto accidents are almost always avoidable; however, some are caused due to reckless driving of others, and these are the most tragic. Some negligent and reckless drivers do not follow the traffic rules, and innocent people suffer due to their actions. You can file for financial compensation if you or your loved one has suffered due to reckless driving in Syracuse, New York. According to reports, the primary source of injury-related deaths in New York State is motor vehicle crashes.

A lawyer can look into the reckless driving accident and help in calculating damages in a car accident claim to ensure you get the proper compensation you deserve. Claiming compensation following a car accident is important since you will be facing a lot of financial losses.

Here, look at different types of reckless driving that can cause severe accidents.

  • Not Following the Traffic Rules

Traffic rules make roads safe for everyone, including pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. One of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents is not following traffic rules. Many people disregard traffic signs or drive faster than the posted speed limit, all of which constitute careless driving.

Traffic signals, such as stop signs and stoplights, help guide the traffic, as they act as a barrier. With the help of these signals, drivers know when it is safe to move through an intersection or when to wait. However, careless drivers do not follow these safety signs, and they might rush through them. This can lead to sideswipe accidents or T-bone collisions.

  • Brake Checking

Brake checking is also known as brake testing. The drivers suddenly hit the brakes because they feel the vehicle behind them is too close. Even when someone is tailgating or following too closely, brake testing does nothing to help. In fact, this behavior can lead to rear-end collisions.

  • Distracted Driving

It is crucially vital for drivers to pay full attention to driving. It means a driver should not be distracted and engage in activities such as phone use, watching videos, etc. Distracted driving can lead to accidents; some forms of distracted driving are:

Talking or texting
Talking to fellow passengers
Adjusting the car seat
Putting on makeup
  • Speeding

When a driver drives past the speed limit, they put everyone on the road in danger. According to reports, for the past twenty years, around one-third of motor vehicle accident-related deathshave been due to speeding. Speeding impairs the driver’s ability to think quickly and stop the car in time.

  • Driving Under Influence

Driving under the influence is dangerous behavior. Every state has a different blood alcohol content limit. For example, in New York, the BAC limit is no more than 0.5 percent. When BAC is around 0.8 percent or higher, it is proof that the driver is intoxicated, and when it is more than .18 percent, it is proof of aggravated driving under the influence.

  • What Compensation Can You Get?

A reckless driver’s actions can put many physical, mental, and financial burdens on you. People who are victims of reckless driver behavior are entitled to monetary compensation. They receive payment for:

All the medical expenses
Suffering and pain
Future loss of income or lost wages
Mental stress
Burial and funeral expenses if there is a wrongful death.
  • Conclusion

Summing up, primarily, people become negligent, affecting the other people on the road. Every time one drives carelessly, they risk their lives and others. Reckless driving has different behaviors, such as speeding, texting, not following traffic rules, etc. You are already going through a lot when you are involved in an accident. By hiring a lawyer, you can concentrate on your physical and mental recovery, and the lawyer will defend your rights.

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