6 Amazing Tricks To Find Real Instagram Followers

6 Amazing Tricks To Find Real Instagram Followers


Finding real followers on Instagram is necessary for growth on the platform. Many users buy fake followers without realizing the negative impact it can have on their accounts. When trying to get more Instagram followers, many users fail to realize that the simplest methods can help them gain real followers on instagram. To gain engagement on Instagram you need followers who interact with your content regularly. We have listed below the 6 best methods to find real followers on Instagram.

1.Regular content

Posting content regularly will attract new followers to your account. People tend to follow accounts that deliver regular content to them. If you are not regular with your posts or do not provide sufficient content you will not get a rise in followers. Accounts that are regular with content are much more likely to have a stream of healthy followers. The best way to have consistent posts is by creating a posting schedule. This schedule should mark the day when you are posting content. This will help you devise a systematic and regular posting of content and help you to gain more Instagram followers. Using Instagram schedulers makes planning and posting content convenient. There are many free Instagram schedulers that you can use to ensure regular content. These schedulers have a content calendar that visually represents the days when you have content planned. This helps to spot gaps in content and make content to fill those in. they even post the content on your behalf. This ensures that you do not miss posting days and your followers are satisfied with your work. iDigic’s Instagram views

2.Create and use hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram posts. A hashtag plays a role in determining the reach and visibility that your post has. When trying to gain real followers, you will have to improve your hashtag implementation. Many people just choose the most trending hashtags and apply them to their posts. This is not effective. You have to use hashtags that perform well with your content and audience. Conducting simple research will show you the best performing hashtags filtered by your content and audience. You could even use a social media marketing tool that has a hashtag finder. They find hashtags suitable for your posts with the help of artificial intelligence. Creating hashtags based on your account helps as well. You could create a hashtag for your brand and use it on all of your posts. Ask your followers to use these hashtags extensively on their posts as well. When this hashtag starts to become popular your account will gain engagement on Instagram. 

This will help you devise a systematic and regular posting of content and help you to gain more Instagram followers. iDigic’s Instagram views also help you to gain more views and followers.

3.Use Stories

Stories provide you with multiple options for producing content. Creating stories can help you gain followers. Many times posts might get missed by your audience due to many reasons. Stories help you to drag engagement to your posts helping you bring in more followers. An Instagram story can be used to inform your audience about new posts that you have made. Since stories are located at the top of the feed they are more visible than posts. Stories can be used to showcase posts that are not good enough to be used as feed posts. Having good stories help you become more appealing to your audience as well as interact with them. Using the numerous stickers that Instagram provides you can easily engage with them. This allows you to take their opinion and improve your content. Interacting with the audience helps you add a personal touch.

4.Prepare a target audience

All brands are suited to producing content for a specific audience. Your content cannot fulfill the wants of all people on the Internet. Find out the type of audience that resonates with your content. By seeing the accounts that interact with your content the most you will have an idea of the demographic of your target audience. You need to find out their age, active time, location among other things. Having this information places you at an advantage when trying to get more Instagram followers. You can modify your content to suit your target audience. This will help you target similar people to your account helping increase the number of followers you gain.

5. Run contests

Contests have proven to be effective in getting more followers time and time again. You have to set certain conditions for your audience to be able to join the contest. Contests are generally done in a lottery format. For gaining followers, ask your audience to follow and share your content to get a chance to win a prize. The prize can be chosen by you. Set a time limit for the competition and get your audience to participate. Everyone loves free stuff and due to your contest, you will see an increase in followers. Contests should be done in moderation. Too many contests in a small time frame will look desperate and not gain you new audiences.

6. Try video content

With the recent changes in the algorithm, video content seems to be better at helping you gain engagement on Instagram. Video content will not only increase your followers but will give you a chance at trying interesting formats. You will be able to create unique content for both new and existing followers. Videos can be posted on Instagram using IGTV or Reels. Both of these features have their benefits. Reels have a similar format as TikTok. Try uploading trending content over there. IGTV on the other hand allows you to post videos up to 10 minutes in length. For posting videos on IGTV, you will have to put more effort into video making but the rewards are worth it.


Apart from implementing the methods given above, remember to focus on quality. Without quality content, you will not be able to attract an audience. If you decide to compromise on quality you will surely see a dip in followers. No matter how effective your tips are, good content is needed to get followers on the platform. You may certainly search for a growth service for your Instagram growth. For instance, you may look at Kicksta to grow your Instagram account faster, But is Kicksta legit? To get the answer you may read the service they are providing and also read the reviews of their service.

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