How to See the World from New Perspectives

How to See the World from New Perspectives


It’s important that we try to understand how different people see the world. We go to school and keep learning our entire lives so we can understand the world better. Just knowledge is not enough if you are unwilling to see things from different perspectives. 

You will always stick to the beliefs and knowledge that were taught to you in your childhood. However, you must learn to see the world from different perspectives if you want to keep growing as a person. 


Read “Controversial” Articles

Any idea that a group of people might not like, or get offended, is considered controversial. You should read such articles because they have some unique perspectives to offer. They might be offensive for some people, but the author was brave enough to write about an unpopular opinion. 

You get to learn from the experiences that other people learned in their lives. They write about their professions, countries, and communities and provide an inside view of those beliefs. You can find plenty of such great articles on The Doe where stories are published after verification. 


Look for Insights in History

History has a lot to teach if we are willing to learn. We have grown so much as a society because we learned from our ancestors and added our experience to it. It would take centuries if we were to start from scratch without the knowledge passed on to us by our ancestors. 

You can learn how our ancestors viewed the world and they spent their lives. This will enable you to see how you have evolved and if you are growing or going backward. History is also very fun to read once you develop a hobby. You will centuries pass by within minutes when you read something. 


Keep An Open Mind

The biggest skill you need to see the world from different perspectives is keeping an open mind. You can’t keep learning if you are not willing to learn anything from anyone. If you think you already know everything, then you are ignorant. Such people never learn anything new. 

Don’t be scared of change; it means that you are learning. When you keep an open mind, you try to understand how other people see the world and why they are doing what they are doing. 


Learn to be Patient

You have to be patient to be able to truly understand the perspective of other people. Everyone has a unique perspective to offer no matter how dumb they seem to you. Sit and talk with them. People like to be heard, but calmly listening is an art itself. 

You must be patient when they are talking. You should not get bored or offended by anything they say. If they don’t believe in something you do, it’s their opinion and they are entitled to it. Instead of getting offended, you should try to understand why they think that way. Ask questions if you don’t understand the reason without sounding defensive. 

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