4 Effective Tips To Reduce the Time and Effort on Household Chores

Your home is your safest haven. It is where you return after a long tiring day at work and relax. But if you are living on your own, it may not be the same experience for you. Many working professionals who work 5 to 6 days a week don’t get enough time to do the household chores, which leads to a messy house with pending household chores. It affects their professional life as well. When they spend their free time on household chores, they don’t get to relax and rejuvenate to continue working with high productivity. 

If you are a professional working and living in a city, you understand how difficult it can get to juggle your work and personal responsibilities. You must clean your house, do the laundry, wash utensils, buy groceries, etc. You are more likely to exhaust yourself doing all this office work and returning home to do all the household chores. Thankfully you can make some changes in your lifestyle to maintain the right balance between your work and household chores. For example, you can shop your groceries, and other items from any groceries shop online to save time and effort. Here are four effective tips to help you save time and effort on household chores.  

1. Classify chores based on the frequency 

 When you return to your home from work, you may not have the willpower or energy to do all the chores. Postponing all these chores only results in more work on weekends which is the time you get to relax and enjoy. Then how does one get these chores done without losing out on those precious weekend hours? It’s simple; all you need to do is categorise your chores based on their frequency. There are some tasks that you need to do every day, such as washing utensils or cooking food. Some tasks can be done weekly, such as doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and decluttering the home. There are some other chores that you can do every month, such as reorganising the furniture, deep cleaning the fridge, washing curtains, cushion covers and upholstery, etc. Dividing these tasks into different categories will reduce the stress of doing everything simultaneously. You don’t have to do the laundry every day. You can focus on each day at the assigned time and not get exhausted by doing everything daily.  

2. Keep things where they belong. 

Keeping things where they belong will help you from a lot of hassle. Many people habitually use things and leave them there after use. You will have to pick it up and place it where it was anyway, so why not do it right away? You use a lot of things throughout the day, such as your laptop, breakfast plates, snacks, beverages, scissors, knives, keys, and many more. These things often get misplaced as you don’t keep them in their designated place. You spend hours looking for them when you need them the most and get frustrated after not finding them. There isn’t any rocket science to avoid this. You can simply place things back where they are supposed to be. It also applies to keeping your shoes in the shoe rack, placing the keys on the key hanger, keeping the used plated in the sink, keeping knives and scissors where they were, putting the used trowel to dry and not on the bed, etc. These minor things will save a lot of your time organising and keeping your home tidy and clean. That way, you will need less time and effort to keep your home nice and clean.   

3. Leverage the internet and technology 

The internet has simplified human life to a great extent. Thanks to the internet, you can do many things online that previously took hours and a lot of effort. You can pay your electricity and other utility bills online to avoid standing in queues for hours. You can do your bank transaction from your phone to save your going to the bank. You can use appliances like vegetable choppers, dough mixers, electric kettles and rice cookers, toasters, and food processors to save you from manually doing all those tasks that take hours.  

Another tiresome and time-consuming chore is grocery shopping. If you have ever done grocery shopping in the supermarket, you know that it can take hours to cruise through the city traffic, spending hours looking for the groceries in the isles, waiting in the checkout line and carrying those heavy grocery bags and facing the safe traffic while coming back. It can easily steal 3 to 4 hours of precious time you could have spent relaxing or watching a Netflix series with your partner. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend 3 to 4 hours grocery shopping. You can buy all the essentials from groceries shop online and save a lot of time. You can get kitchen essentials, snacks, beverages, cleaning products, cosmetics, personal care products and even vegetables. So why spend so many hours buying groceries when you can order groceries online and get them all delivered to your doorstep within 30 to 60 minutes? 

4. Declutter your home 

The increasing disposable income has resulted in many millennials buying things they don’t need. If you look closely at your house, you will find plenty of things you don’t use anymore. It can be the old printer on the recliner you thought you would use to sip your beer while watching the cricket match. Don’t forget that treadmill machine on your balcony, which is almost covered in dust. All these useless things take up extra space and need extra effort to keep clean. You can eliminate things and declutter your home to make it more spacious and tidy. You can sell them on classified sites and get decent money on them. You can also donate your old clothes, gadgets, books and other things to the needy. Removing unnecessary things from your home will save you the time and effort spent on maintaining and cleaning them.  

 Juggling household responsibilities while working full-time can be exhausting. It can also lead to stress and burnout. These simple tips can make a substantial difference in your life and help you save time and effort. That way, you can have more time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones, follow your fitness goals, travel and pursue your hobbies and interests. 


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