Designing The Ideal Layout For Your Yard

Planning a home improvement project is always fun. However, a person should not get caught up in the excitement of completing this task and overlook critical factors. What should be considered when planning a landscape design to ensure this does not happen?

How will the Area Be Used?

One thing to consider when designing a landscape is how the area will be used. For example, if it will mainly be used by children as a play area, this must be considered when shopping for a grass seed mix. The selected grass must be able to hold up under frequent use.

In contrast, if the area will mainly be used for entertaining, seating options should be a top concern. Other potential uses for the area include swimming, gardening, and dining, and all will influence the features in the landscape design. 

For instance, if your area will be used for entertainment, you may need a clay chiminea or fire pit for your outdoor space. It will provide a cozy atmosphere and a reliable source of warmth and light during the night and cooler months. Adding a chiminea can also be a great conversation starter and a place to gather family and friends to enjoy the outdoors.

Maintenance Requirements

Nobody wants to spend every moment of their free time taking care of their yard. However, many people find this task takes up a large part of their weekends. Avoid this by considering the different maintenance requirements of the various elements of the landscape design. Consider a tree and shrub pruning service to maintain a healthy and attractive landscape within your home

A person who wants very little maintenance may choose to incorporate a deck or extend their patio, so there is less grass to cut. Another person might find they love spending time outdoors and want their garden to take up a big portion of the property. This is a matter of preference but should be factored into the design process, so it is essential when finding a good landscaper that perspective layout will materialize to achieve your dream design.

Establish a Budget

Every property owner needs a budget when creating a landscape plan to ensure they have the funds to complete the project. Make a list of all the desired items in this plan and how much each item will cost. Prioritize those things that are essential and see how much money is left over for the extras. 

Many people create a budget but overlook certain costs when doing so. Ensure the budget accounts for things such as the tools needed to complete the project and the extra water that will be used to nurture grass seed after it has been spread.

Build a cushion into this budget to cover any unexpected expenses. This cushion is nice to have if the project comes in under budget because the property owner can then choose the next item from the extras list and add it to the plan. 

Soil Considerations

Once it has been determined which plants and trees will be a part of the landscape plan, it’s time to ensure the soil will support them. If the soil is lacking in one or more nutrients, modifications will need to be made to it or the landscape plan must be changed.

This depends in part on what modifications would be needed and what would be required to support the plant or tree as it grows. The local cooperative extension service can be of help with this testing or the property owner may hire a landscape designer to complete this task. 

Available Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to survive and thrive. Determine how much sun various parts of the yard get each day and adjust the landscape plan accordingly. A plant may not be able to go into the desired location when the plan is initially created.

However, this does not mean it needs to be removed from the plan completely. Moving it to a different part of the yard may be enough to allow it to thrive. 

A landscape plan takes time to develop. In addition, owners often find the layout needs to change over the years as their needs change. Always take layout design into consideration when making these changes to ensure the property meets the needs of those who use it in every way.

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