What Are Pandora Promise Rings?

What Are Pandora Promise Rings?

A promise ring, also known as a pre-engagement ring  is a ring given to a person you are interested romantically. It is more like a ring given to show commitment in relationship or a commitment for a monogamous relationship. 

Typically, a man offers these rings to their lady. However, a lady too can present this ring to their partner. They are worn on any finger of choice as they are not necessarily an engagement ring. Sometimes, they are worn on a necklace too. 

The idea and application of promise rings started to come into practice during the 1970s. The promise rings are usually used and given by young adults or those who do not want to enter the institution of marriage any time soon. 

The promise rings started to gain a lot of prominence during the 2000s when different celebrities started to use them to signify and publicize their relationship to the media and to the world. Different brands like Pandora promise rings and other are famous for their exceptionally good promise rings. 

What Are The Pandora Promise Rings? 

The Pandora promise rings are promise rings from the jewellery and accessory brand Pandora. Since promise rings are a sign of true love and commitment to the partner, Pandora does an excellent job is providing some of the best promise rings that your partner will cherish for the rest of their life. 

A promise ring is one of the best and most beautiful gifts you can ever give to your partner. That’s why Pandora’s promise rings are crafted with the some of the best designs in the world that will spark the true essence of your undying love for your partner every time they wear it. 

Since a circle portrays a heart to heart connection that will never be broken, Pandora’s promise rings are a perfect way to show the connection you have with your loved one and how strong the connection is that it will never be broken. 

What Does The Pandora Promise Rings Look Like? 

Just like the marriage rings, the promise rings are available in many different shapes and sizes. One of the main purposes of a promise ring is that it must be crafted in a way that will present one’s love and commitment towards the other person and must be crafted according to one’s individual choices too. 

One thing to keep in mind is that these rings must be made in a way that it can be worn everyday. And Pandora does an excellent job at it through years of excellence and expertise. Here is what the various promise rings from Pandora might look like:- 

  • For engagement purposes, the rings contain large diamonds. However, for promise rings, Pandora crafts them with smaller diamonds. The stones can vary from 0.25ct and less. The purpose is to signify future engagement and long-lasting commitment with every day wear ability. 
  • If you are someone who doesn’t not want a promise ring to have diamonds on it and rather want it to be extremely simple and subtle, then Pandora’s bands are perfect for you. The bands might contain small gemstones or the lover’s initials, etc. These bands are generally crafted from precious and rich metals. 
  • One of the best ways to portray longevity in the relationship is by giving your partner a ring with their birthstone. It is not only a beautiful design for a promise ring but has a deep meaning and purpose to it too. Best part is that it can be worn alongside the engagement ring. 
  • If you are into small stones or a cluster of small stones for your promise rings, then the Pandora promise rings with a group of small stones or diamonds crafted together in a ring is ideal for you. These rings look elegant and delicate. They do not necessarily portray engagement with the partner but a life long commitment and a promise of love and affection in the relationship. 

Commonly Asked Questions About The Pandora Promise Rings. 

  • How Should You Present The Pandora Promise Rings To Your Partner? 

When it comes to presenting an engagement ring, different practises like bending on the knees, reciting romantic monologues, etc take place. However, the promise ring must not be presented in that way at all. It should be presented more in a very subtle way. 

While presenting the promise ring to the partner, one must make sure that they are not signifying a proposal for marriage but rather presenting the ring as a sign of life long commitment and love to their partner along with a promise of an engagement in the future. 

  • On Which Finger Should The Pandora Promise Rings Be Worn? 

The promise rings can be worn on any finger of choice. Since promise rings are not engagement rings, there is no such rule that they must be worn on the engagement finger on the left hand. They can be worn on any finger of choice or on the engagement finger of either the left hand or the right hand. 

  • How Much Are The Pandora Promise Rings For? 

Pandora promise rings are extremely affordable. Since they are not engagement rings, they have prices that will help save up for a grand engagement ring. You can shop affordable Pandora promise rings from one of the best shops on the internet named GlobalSources.com. 

They provide beautiful and elegant Pandora promise rings at affordable prices that will surely signify your love to your lover in the best way possible. So if you want to make a statement of your undying love to your partner, then head to GlobalSources.com and check out their vast collection of beautiful promise rings that will surely impress your partner. 

In The Light Of This Information 

With beautiful designs and bands made with pure precision metals, Pandora brings a huge variety of promise rings that plays the important role of presenting your love and commitment to your partner. Surely it might not be an engagement ring, but it is not lesser than an engagement ring too when it comes to the worth! 



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