Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners

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It takes maturity, responsibility, determination, and commitment to raise a pet. It is like becoming a new parent only that in this case, you’re dealing with a tiny animal. It is like becoming a new parent only that in this case, you’re dealing with a tiny animal. Well, to learn more on how to deal with your little kitty, follow the link.

Cats demand consistent feeding, grooming, and health care to flourish. The good thing about having a kitty is that they have low maintenance than dogs. Still, they require lots of love pet store near me and attention. 

But first things first, you need to identify the perfect feline friend based on the breed type and your family needs.

Here is a list of the most accommodating felines for amateurs. You can also get more from guides like the holistapet cat breed list and inquire more from them. Here we go;

  • Maine coon

The maine coon is super-friendly and can survive well in various environmental conditions. They are also very intelligent and posse’s dog-like traits like playing fetch. 

This makes them easily trainable. Their most unique feature is the long, coarse fur. Plus, most are gentle and enjoy human contact hence their popularity. You can even walk them around on a leash just like a dog. 

If you are a dog owner and have just decided to branch into cats, then this could be the ideal pet for you. Its devotion and ability to fit into any household are what make it special.

  • Ragdoll

Just like the name suggests, this kitty has beautiful blue eyes similar to those of a doll. It’s moderately long silky coating also makes it appear so fluffy and cuddly. 

You would love to make it your snuggle buddy. They are also very playful and can adapt very well to new places. Plus, the fact that they are social with everybody including fellow animals is a huge bonus. 

You will also love its ability to adjust to your current mood once you step into the house after work. Grooming them is also super easy.

  • Siamese

The Siamese are popularly known for their ability to express their feelings without purring or meowing. 

They prefer holding a dialogue with their owners and where dialogue is not viable, they will hold a monologue to evaluate you deeply. 

This is what makes them stand out among most felines. According to research, this breed is super active and requires daily doses of play and exercise. 

They are also extremely clingy and will follow you everywhere in the house. For this reason, they make very good companions.

  • Somali 

If you are looking for a kitty with a good sense of humor, then this is the breed for you. Somalis are very animated, with an acute need for play. You will find them with a ball in their paws almost all the time. 

This medium-sized cat also shows a lively interest in discovering new surroundings. You will find it pooping its curious head inside a drawer when you open it. 

They tend to behave more like people than animals. They are also ever in a good mood and behave like kittens all their life. 

American Short hair

The American short hair is the perfect option for those looking for a moderately active pet. These kitties are neither snugly nor distant. 

They are also neither jumpy nor lazy. You will find them mostly on your lap but not all over your face like most cats. Likewise, they love playing with children and other animals which generally makes them easy goers. 

Their hunting skills are also top-notch. They can catch and kill a mouse within a short period. Honestly, the American short hair is believed to be one of the most fun-loving creatures available.

  • Sphynx

The Sphynx is a hairless feline, whose distinctive aspect makes it stand out among other kitties. And despite its alien-like features, it is formidably affectionate and lively around people. 

It is also never a dull moment with this pet. Their circus performances can keep you giggling all day. They are also very loyal and soft peach. 

Sphynx are suitable for those in need of a kitty with unique features and a good temperament.


  • Persian

Persians have adorably spaced eyes and a large circular head. They are mostly calm and reserved, but very devoted to their people. 

If you’re looking for a placid yet cuddly companion, then this is the cat for you. They also have a good sense of judgment and can be selective in bestowing that honor. Nevertheless, they won’t bomber you with the need for too much attention, unlike other kinds. If you choose a Persian, make sure to keep its fur thoroughly conditioned to maintain its beautiful sheen.

  • Abyssinian 

This is a free-spirited cat that enjoys cuddling with its owners. Abyssinian is rather aggressive when handled violently and demands optimal care. Besides this, they are very lively and affectionate. 

Their agility and athletic nature make them perfect play animals. They also like being involved in family affairs and will blend well in any new surroundings. 

However, if you lead a very busy lifestyle, you might consider hiring a sitter to watch over them or provide them with a feline companion. The Abyssinian dislike being left alone and may develop separation anxiety


Getting your first cat can be electrifying but at the same time challenging. Luckily thanks to the internet, you can easily research the various breeds available. But above all consider the cat’s curiosity, grooming needs, activeness, vocalness, appearance, and adaptability before opting for a particular one. The last thing you want is to get a complicated breed that you cannot handle.


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