How Life insurance works in pre-existing conditions.

Can I still buy life insurance if I have high cholesterol/Cancer

Term insurance plans are a great way to protect your family from any financial losses in case of an unexpected event. They are affordable and provide peace of mind for you and your family members.

With an online term plan, you can receive a range of benefits, such as life cover till 99 years, premium waivers, premium return, and various covers for family members. In this blog post, we will explore the eight main benefits of term insurance plans and how they can protect your whole family.

Cover for all your family members

A term insurance plan is a great way to provide long-term financial protection to your whole family. It offers a variety of covers, including life cover of up to 99 years and premium waivers in the event of certain contingencies.

Additionally, depending on the policy, you may also be able to get some of your premium back if you outlive the term of the plan. With a term insurance plan, you can ensure that your family is secure for years to come.

Return of premium

Term insurance plans provide an invaluable financial safety net for your family in the event of an untimely death. In addition, some term insurance plans include additional coverages such as premium waivers and coverage for family members. With all these benefits, term insurance plans are a great way to protect your entire family.

Protection from rising costs

Term insurance plans protect your family from rising costs and provide life cover till 99 years.

They also offer a variety of covers to suit different family needs, such as premium return plans, premium waivers, and more. With these policies, you can protect your loved ones financially and ensure they remain secure in case of any untoward incident.

Waiver of premium

This means that in the event of the death or disability of the policyholder, the premiums are waived and the cover continues for the remaining policy period.

This online term plan provides much-needed financial relief for the family in a difficult time and ensures that their loved one’s life is still covered.

Life cover until age 99

Term insurance plans provide complete protection for the entire family. With life cover available until age 99, you can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of for their entire lives. Get peace of mind and protect your family with term insurance plans.

Cover for critical illnesses

Term insurance plans provide you and your family with the security of coverage for critical illnesses. With term insurance plans, you can get coverage for a variety of illnesses, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

No medical exam

Term insurance plans provide a great way to ensure that your family is protected no matter what happens. These plans are a cost-effective way to provide life insurance coverage without needing to take a medical exam.


Term insurance plans offer several advantages that can help provide financial protection to your family. One of the most useful features of term insurance plans is the ability to convert them into a permanent policy.

It means that if your circumstances change, you have the option of converting your policy into a permanent life insurance plan with the same insurer. This could be beneficial if your income rises or you need more coverage for your family.

Converting your term policy into a permanent policy can also help you save on premiums and provide peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of no matter what happens.

Canara HSBC Life Insurance iSelect Smart360 Term Plan offers you an unbeatable financial security for yourself and your family. Get peace of mind knowing that in the event of any untimely demise, your dependents will receive financial stability through a large sum assured. Plus, get all your premiums back with no additional cost if you opt for an early exit from the plan.

iSelect Smart360 Term Plan offers coverage till age 99 years so that you are protected even as you grow older. The flexibility to block your premium allows you to adjust your protection needs to suit changing lifestyle requirements.


Term insurance plans are an essential part of financial planning, providing you and your family with valuable protection in the event of the unexpected. With term insurance plans, you can relax knowing that your family will be provided with financial security if the unexpected were to happen.

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