3 Timepieces to Buy in Hublot Luxury Watch 2021

3 Timepieces to Buy in Hublot Luxury Watch 2021

Whenever we look for luxury watches for ourselves, we want the best, of course. Well, there are a lot of bests out there, but we have to find the best for ourselves. The one that represents our style, fashion, our personality, character, or basically, us as a whole. Not only that, we have to find something functional that would go well on whatever occasion it is for. From what we are aiming for in a luxury watch, we can say that they are not your ordinary time-telling accessories because they are definitely more than that. 


You must have your eyes on Hublot, which perhaps the reason you are here. These watches are known and loved by many luxury watch collectors and enthusiasts for their high-performance function, matched with a sleek yet extravagant, modern watch design. If you are looking for the best luxury watch, there are many of them. But we have put together a few of the many top picks from very satisfied Hublot wearers and collectors. Hublot has a wide selection of exceptional timepieces, and we will go through some of them to find the right one for you! You might find the luxury watch that you are looking for! 

About Hublot 


Hublot is one of the youngest prestigious Swiss luxury watchmaking companies. It was founded and launched in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco, who was acquainted with a long watchmaking tradition. 


Crocco’s named his first watch “Hublot,” meaning “porthole” in French. The Hublot watch was made with a cold case paired with a rubber bracelet. It later received high praises from watch lovers around the world.


Since then, Crocco has been continuously producing his fascinating innovations of highly unique and incredible watches that are run with precise technical movements like no other. This brought a speedy and successful rise in the business that took the entire watch industry by storm. The brand became very known for their original rubber straps too! 


Below are the Top Picks we carefully selected to help you find the ideal Hublot luxury watch for you!

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang 601.CI.0173.RX

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang 601.CI.0173.RX is one of Hublot’s Big Bang series. There is definitely no lie to why this one of the best luxury watches. The overall finish of the timepiece says it all!


It is fixed with a 45mm tonneau-shaped black ceramic case, and inside the perimeter of the case is a ceramic bezel fastened with six “H” shaped titanium skews. And in the black inner bezel flange lies the dashing red minute and seconds track. Its dial gives out a smooth, skeletal color that is scratch-resistant, for it is made of sapphire crystal. The timepiece is wrapped elegantly with a black rubber strap.


You will also never go wrong with its movement. The movement of the Big Bang watch is Automatic Hublot Caliber HUB 4700, with a water resistance level of 100m and a power reserve that lasts approximately 50 hours.

Hublot Classic Fusion 511.OX.1181.LR


Anyone with this will, no doubt, look like a part of royalty! The Classic Fusion King Gold Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch exudes elegance and royalty because of its beautiful rose Gold finish from the case to the bezel, complemented with a classic matte black dial that completes the overall look. The transparent 45mm case brings out a sharp and beveled edge that is locked with “H” shaped titanium screws. 


The bezel is scratch-resistant with the Sapphire crystal. The appliques, index hour markers, and hands are all crafted with 18 Karat gold. And the iconic strap is made from alligator leather. Its movement is powered by the Automatic HUB1112.

Hublot Big Bang 411.JR.4901.RT


Another pick from the brand’s Big Bang series! All eyes are surely going to fall on this one because the passionate red sapphire crystal case is an attention-grabber! It is suited with a smoked, transparent dial that is bonded with  6 “H” shaped titanium screws. The case is scratch-resistant as well!


The dial is embraced with a sleek inner bezel flange that comes with hour and minute tracks with five-minute incremental Arabic numerals. The hour markers have a luminous red fill with an ‘Applique Style’ Arabic numeral index. Also, it functions with the HUB UNICO1242 caliber movement, a 72-hour power reserve, and a water resistance efficacy of about 50 meters.

And do you know that it can be easily restarted with just a push of a single button with Hublot’s Flyback feature?


Luxury timepieces aren’t the usual accessories. They hold so much value that it would take time, investment, and a lot of thinking to find a watch that would suit you best. Hublot has all that you ever need for a luxury watch, may it be design, function, and style. You just have to get the right one for you. Good luck with that! Visit The Watch Company website if you wish to see more of their collections and series. 


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