DSP Full Form: What Does DSP Stand For?

DSP Full Form: What Does DSP Stand For?

Deputy superintendent of police (DSP) is a rank used by several police forces in the Commonwealth and formerly in the British Empire. The rank is usually above assistant superintendent and below superintendent. The full form of dsp is DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police). In the Indian Police Service, these ranks are not gazetted. The following are the ranks of DSP in the Indian Police Service.

Police department abbreviations have been around for decades. Here’s a brief history of the most commonly used police department acronyms you need to know about. The full form of DSP in Police is Deputy Superintendent of Police. Deputy Superintendent of Police is the highest rank in the Indian Police Service. In India, this title is given to the person who is in charge of a police district.


DSP Full Form || What is the meaning of DSP?

The term DSP indicates the rank held by a Deputy Superintendent of Police. It does not mean the particular duties a police officer may perform. The Deputy Superintendent of Police can be called up when a situation requires command and control. As a result of this, officers on the field make the head of the police and report to the Home Minister, Union Minister of State (Home), and Maharashtra Minister of State (Home). DSP is considered a junior rank. It is an entry-level police officer.
However, they are senior to officers like Sub-inspector and inspectors. As the rank is still considered a junior one, recruits are usually given Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) rank.


DSP Full Form in Police || What is the difference between DSP and ASP

DSP Full form in Police is Deputy Superintendent of Police, IPS is a part-time post. It is meant for those who are not selected for promotion to assistant superintendent. It is a civilian post, and those who hold this rank are called ‘Deputy Superintendents of Police.’ In the IAS, IPS, and the Assam Police, it is equivalent to the senior superintendent of police. In the Punjab Police, this rank is more important than the officer whose name is ‘Deputy Superintendent of Police.’ The Deputy Superintendent of Police rank is also higher than that of Deputy Superintendent of

Police in the Chandigarh Police, Delhi Police, Uttar Pradesh Police, or the Karnataka Police. DSP is also known as ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) in
Maharashtra Police and Tamil Nadu Police.

DSP ka Full Form || What are the ranks of DSP

The Indian Police Service (IPS) is a cadre of officers recruited to the Indian Police Service as police officers. The current recruitment to the IPS is done through UPSC. As of 2018, there are 3850 posts available in the IPS, and only 2000 are filled. The subsequent recruitment to the IPS is expected to take place in 2019. A total of 350 posts will become vacant this year. The IPS officers are responsible for policing in states, Union territories, and six provinces. For protecting the country, the rank of
DSP is the next one up from the Sub-Inspector.



There is a marked disparity in pay between the ranks of assistant superintendent of police (ASP) and deputy superintendent of police (DSP). The term “senior” is used. However, the salary gap is reduced to something close to the minimum salary for a senior officer (as per current legislation). Hence, we have done this post to describe the pay scales applicable for different ranks of police officers and compare them with other occupations in the country. Note: All the numbers in this post were taken from PayScale and paysearcher.com and cross-referenced with the respective pay scales of both ASP and DSP. We have done all this purely for academic purposes

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