What Is a Cold or Hot Online Slot Game?

Slot games were created almost 2 centuries ago, however, they do not lose popularity to this day. They are gaining a lot of attention, particularly at online casinos. There are no gambling sites where you won’t be able to find online slots. So, what is so intriguing about them? Why do people enjoy playing these online casino games? 

Well, the main reason is that they are very simple to play. You do not need any specific talent to win. Players can not influence the outcome and everything depends on your luck. 

There still are various stories in which players attempt to forecast when the ideal moment to play online slots is. That’s where the idea of hot and cold slots comes into play. 

Various Interpretations 

There is no clear method to determine if a slot is cold or hot because the object that measures “temperature” is changing. As a result, different people have varied views of how to detect if a slot is hot or cold.

To put it in a few simple words, it is all about how well or poorly a specific slot has paid off in the past. However, this definition creates an additional issue. The only method to determine if a slot is hot or cold is to check the past data. However, you can’t always be sure that you are provided with accurate information.

You may see some online slots marked as “Hot” at some online casinos in Bulgaria, while others might define it as “Cold”. That’s what makes things complicated at some times. 

Hot Online Slots

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to say that the majority of gamblers are interested in hot slot games. They generally are titles that pay out prizes to you at a quick pace. With such ones, you have the chance to get large wins on a frequent basis. Some individuals view those games as the ones that are extremely near to scoring the jackpot. 

The most general explanation for hot slots that applies to all criteria can be put in a few words – a potentially lucrative slot machine. 

Cold Online Slots

Hot slots are the opposite of cold slots. Essentially, games that are practically difficult to win at any one time. This implies that no matter how creative your betting technique is, such slot games will never produce any winning combos.

Some individuals believe these games are where a large victory has just occurred. Imagine that you are playing a progressive jackpot and someone already won a million or something. That means that this slot will now require some time to gather the funds for the next huge drop. In that case, people have minimal or no chance of winning. 

Are Cold and Hot Slots a Real Thing? 

When it comes to licensed companies and software providers, their slots can not be defined as hot or cold. Any legal online slot machine is a computer program with a fixed outcome. In the short run, gains and losses are dispersed completely at random. Every time you play online slots, the odds of winning and losing remain the same.  

Furthermore, each slot manufacturer must receive a gaming license from a gambling state. Before getting it, gambling states test all online casino games to ensure fair winnings. That means that nothing will be able to affect results other than Random Number Generator (which is also known as RNG). 

The Best Way to Determine A Slot’s Potential

The best thing to do when you are interested in whether a specific slot will help you win or lose is to look at its RTP. RTP is a theoretical percentage that shows the probability of you winning. The average RTP level for slot games in the gambling industry is 96%. Imagine that you chose a slot that has 97.6% RTP. That means that if you make an average bet of $100, you will get back $97.6 on average at some point while spinning. 

So, the higher the RTP, the hotter a slot machine. Information about this is mostly available at online casinos. However, if you are unable to find it, you can simply google it or visit the website of a software provider. 


A lot of people believe the hot and cold online slots theory and we have nothing against them. However, those who believe in the randomness of online casino games will have a hard time believing that these things are true. 

There are a couple of ways to decide which slot to go for including looking at its features such as RTP. You can also read reviews by other people on the internet and make a decision based on their experience. 


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