Reseller hosting 101

Web hosting has slowly become the most important and underappreciated component of the internet. Web hosting is something intangible yet essential for anyone’s online experience. 

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting – Simply put, this type of hosting enables you to make massive purchases and then sell them to your own clients. Meaning whichever provider you go with will provide the general infrastructure needed, such as hardware and software. 

Next, what you can do is use the resources that you have purchased and that are at your disposal to make hosting plans. You can then sell these plans under your brand as your own services and manage them as you fit. In order to have your own brand, you need to get white-label reseller hosting. To learn more about what is white label hosting, check out this article provided by Verpex.

Keep in mind you will still be in charge of certain tasks such as billing, customer support, and allocating the resources according to your client’s needs and wants. Don’t worry, the web host will still be looking after the technical aspect. 

Let’s have a look at who would be a great fit for reseller hosting. 

Who is it for?

Reseller hosting is mostly used by web-based companies. These companies or, in some cases, individuals have active client bases. 

If you are in web development or design, the likelihood of your customers looking for hosting is high. Therefore, you would be a great fit for reseller hosting. You can resell your own pre-made packages to meet all your clients’ needs.  You can make great revenue and keep customers loyal to your brand by selling these additional services. You can make your business an all-in-one go-to place.

How does it work?

With reseller hosting, you purchase a subscription from a host and, in a way, act as the middleman. This plan comes with specific bandwidth, storage space, and a limited number of websites it can support at a given moment. 

In other words, you are responsible for personalizing and marketing packages according to your clients’ needs. Your clients would still get the same product and quality from the provider you have picked, but the setup will be more attractive to your customers since they already have trust in your brand. 

If you want to make additional income, you can take on additional tasks, like offering managed hosting. This can make your clients feel taken care of. 

Let’s look over some guiding steps when starting with reseller hosting. 

How to get started? 

Essentially there are four basic steps to starting your reseller hosting business. They are as follows: 

Plan – Firstly, as with any other business, you need to create a business plan. Set goals that you would like to reach, establish valid budget parameters, and make smart yet bold decisions. 

In this plan, you can decide who your target audience is. As we mentioned, in most cases, reseller hosts target their existing clients. You should already have a good idea of what they want and need, and if you don’t, you can always send a survey to learn more about them and their requirements. 

Choosing a host – This is the most important step, which can make or break your business. When choosing a host, keep in mind the following: what type of plans they offer, whether the plans have the necessary resources, and how easy is to upgrade or downgrade. You must do proper research before you commit to a hosting provider. 

Set up – Once you get your plan, you can spend some time analyzing and understanding the dashboard that goes with it. You need to do so in order to be more prepared and know how to customize plans and manage clients. Also, this is the time to look over and set up all the other services that you have to offer to your clients. 

Marketing –  Finally, let’s have a look at how to integrate this shift within existing clients. You can reach out by sending promotional emails, you can also make a social media campaign through which your clients will learn more about the new service you have to offer. And, let’s not forget, you can also use your website for advertising.


Reseller hosting can increase your revenue and, at the same time, make your business a go-to place for clients. You can create personalized offers to meet clients’ wants and needs which will increase the demand for your services

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