10 Ways to Monitor Your Virtual Assistant Service Provider’s Productivity

 10 Ways to Monitor Your Virtual Assistant Service Provider’s Productivity


Businesses nowadays tackle many tasks, resulting in a slow workflow. This is where a virtual assistant comes in help. They take a lot of burden off businesses, benefiting them in many ways. By hiring virtual assistants, businesses can ensure that most of their tasks are done seamlessly without complications. 


With their help, businesses can provide satisfactory services to their client and improve overall business productivity. Only the hustle of monitoring the performance has to be done by businesses to enjoy all the benefits of their services. Relying blindly on a virtual assistance provider is not the choice if businesses want their services to stay the best. 


With proper monitoring, businesses can have a fatal impact on their reputation. Therefore, to track their performance, we have brought up this blog which will tell us about the ten best ways to monitor the services.

What is a Virtual Assistant Service Provider?

Before we move to ways to monitor, knowing what virtual assistants do and what to expect from them is crucial for better understanding. In simple terms, Virtual assistance providers are those who support the business in administration and other things. 


Different types of virtual assistance can be taken into use according to the business need. We can’t always do every task by ourselves; therefore, virtual assistance is the best choice to complete our work the way we want it to be without spending much time.

10 Productive Ways To Monitor The Performance Of Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Services

Now we know what virtual assistance services are for, so let’s move to the ten practical ways to monitor their performance. 

  • Track the Work of Assistants 

Virtual assistance is a task-oriented job that requires to be appropriately tracked to see their performance. Project progress, pending tasks, and deadlines are crucial to getting the best performance possible. Therefore, we must ensure that the Virtual assistance service provider does their work on time and is competent enough to do tasks without errors. 

  • Create a System for Reporting 

Creating an organized reporting system is crucial to monitor the performance of each virtual assistant. Many complications can arise in providing fair and personal feedback without a proper reporting system.


Establishing a clear statement of work can help assistants do their work better with feedback that can be taken into use to review the KPIs of assistants. 

  • Secure the Data

Data Security is never to be taken lightly; we can never be sure about anyone’s intent; thus, providing too much data to someone can cause trouble. Even if one member’s email gets hacked whole business could suffer; therefore, it’s vital to have guidelines for work and a better security workforce. This overall adds up to the performance of the whole team. 


Especially when virtual assistant services are used, the implementation of data security becomes vital. Leaking info about our company’s customers can significantly harm the business as competitors can use it to target our customers. 

  • Build SOPs

Creating SOPs for the virtual assistant service provider can significantly help our business. How? Automating any task that is too mundane and repetitive requires us to create a set of tips and guidelines that the virtual assistant can use and understand their work better. By creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we can provide assistants with a blueprint of the business by which they will be able to provide the best performance. 

  • Use Software

There is multiple software that we can take into use for monitoring the performance of each individual. This software can help businesses efficiently by providing various helpful tools to track performance. 

  • Medium of Communication

Whenever things are outsourced, such as virtual assistant services, communication is the main thing that needs to be established; without an efficient communication medium, most tasks will be delayed, thus impacting the business. 

  • Things to Outsource 

As we know, there are multiple virtual assistance phone answering services that a provider provides; thus, it becomes crucial to hire one by figuring out which one is needed. It is helpful to hire for repetitive tasks that can be done better by others so we can focus on other essential tasks. 

  • Establish Better Relations 

Better relation means better service; once a better relationship is established, we can understand the hurdles that the assistants are facing and can easily talk with them about any matter, thus improving performance.

  • Find the Best in the Field

This may not help in monitoring, but it may help ensure you get the best services. In addition, checking their performance before hiring will automatically lift a lot of stress as we can trust them with their work. 

  • Integrate with the Team 

Virtual assistance doesn’t always mean working alone; it is always better to encourage them to work with the team as it boosts their work power and keeps them motivated.


With these ten ways, we can effectively improvise the performance of virtual assistants and can grow our business. Whether it is tracking their performance with software or ensuring they get proper information on their work, each is crucial for enhancing and leveling up the performance. Checking the performance of each individual is another way of booking productivity and performance. 



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