Tips for Modifying and Customizing Your Vintage Ride

Modifying and customizing your vintage ride is a great way to make it truly your own. However, you need to be careful not to make changes that might affect resale value or ruin the look of your classic car.

Choose a clear theme or style to guide your modifications and run your ideas by an expert before making any financial commitments. Here are a few tips for doing just that:


If the floor mats in your classic ride are worn out or have a faded, ugly design, you should replace them. This is an inexpensive way to give your car or truck a fresh new look and will raise its value when you decide to sell it.

You should choose durable floor mats that will not fade or become brittle over time. One of the best choices is a set of Hexomat floor mats, made of space-age material and designed in a honeycomb pattern that traps spills. They also feature a nonskid backing and can be purchased in more than 11,000 different styles. Another good choice is a set of Lloyd Ultimat floor mats, which are made of a rubberized thermoplastic and have an anti-slip surface. They are available in many different colors, styles, and finishes to suit the interior of your vintage vehicle.

In order to prevent the floor mats from becoming damaged or soiled, you should consider purchasing a set of protective floor liners. These are molded to fit your car’s exact make and model, and they will protect your factory carpeting from dirt, moisture, and spills. These liners are also easy to clean; some even offer a waterproof design.

According to Wirecutter, a few features of the best floor liners include built-in buttonholes, also known as cleats, which snap onto locating pegs that your car manufacturer installs on underlying factory carpeting. This will keep the liners from shifting around and prevent them from interfering with the gas or brake pedals. Another important feature is an extra-thick heel pad under the driver’s side that will prevent the liners from deteriorating in that area.

If you are on a budget, you can buy a set of universal-fit floor mats that will fit your car or truck. These are not as good as custom-fit floor liners, but they will do the trick in a pinch. You can purchase Husky Liners’ WeatherBeater floor mats for a better-quality set. These floor liners are laser-measured to ensure they will fit your vehicle. They are made from durable, long-lastingmaterial that can withstand frigid winters and sweltering summers. They also feature deep sculpted channels that trap water, salt, mud, and snow, and they have an anti-skid texture on the underside that will prevent them from moving while you are driving.


Classic car owners also want to make their vehicles look pristine on the inside. Unlike the exterior, there is less that can be done to alter the interior without damaging resale value. Adding new floormats is a practical choice that allows the owner to make their vehicle more unique and their own. Purists might scoff at these modern additions, but they keep the car clean and offer a distinctive design that helps distinguish your vintage vehicle from others on the road.

Changing the steering wheel is another fun and exciting way to customize a classic vehicle. Although most owners would prefer to keep the original wheel, sometimes it is impossible due to age or damage. This opens up the opportunity to add a unique and exciting steering wheel that will instantly make your vehicle stand out from other classic cars.

In order to modify your classic car, it is important to consider how this change will impact resale value in the future. Some changes will have a bigger impact than others, and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each modification before making a decision. If you are unsure how to proceed with modifications, it is a good idea to ask a professional with experience appraising classic cars for help.

While most people prefer to display their classic cars rather than drive them, there are some who still enjoy driving these timeless machines over long distances. In order to do this safely, upgrading your classic car with modern technology is a great idea. This can include a GPS navigation system, radial tires, and entertainment systems.


A fresh paint job is a great way to express your personality and give your car its own unique look. While some purists may scoff at this modification, it can really set your classic vehicle apart from other cars and trucks on the road while adding a lot of curb appeal. Steering wheel covers are another simple and affordable option that can add both comfort and style to your ride. Embroidery is an additional option that can make your steering wheel cover extra personal.

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