Field Sobriety Tests in Arizona What You Need to Know

Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) are a crucial tool used by law enforcement officers to determine if a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In Arizona, the legal implications of these tests are significant, and understanding your rights and the procedures involved is essential. In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of Field Sobriety Tests in Arizona and what you need to know if you ever find yourself facing one.

Understanding Field Sobriety Tests:

Field Sobriety Tests are standardized assessments designed to gauge a person’s impairment level due to alcohol or drugs. While there are various FSTs, three tests have been standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and are commonly used by law enforcement officers:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN):

The HGN test involves tracking an object, typically a pen or a flashlight, with your eyes as it moves horizontally. Officers look for involuntary jerking of the eyes, known as nystagmus, which can be more pronounced when a person is impaired.

Walk and Turn:

The Walk and Turn test requires the individual to take nine heel-to-toe steps along a straight line, turn on one foot, and return in the same manner. Officers assess balance, coordination, and the ability to follow instructions during this test.

One-Leg Stand:

In the One-Leg Stand test, the person is asked to stand on one leg for a specific duration while keeping the other foot approximately six inches off the ground. Officers observe balance and the ability to maintain the position as indicators of impairment.

Legal Implications in Arizona:

Arizona has strict laws regarding driving under the influence (DUI), and refusal to submit to Field Sobriety Tests can have legal consequences. Arizona operates under the “implied consent” law, meaning that by obtaining a driver’s license, individuals agree to submit to chemical tests, including breath, blood, or urine tests if suspected of DUI.

Refusing a Field Sobriety Test, however, is not a criminal offense, and individuals have the right to decline participation. However, refusal may lead to arrest, and the prosecution might use it as evidence of guilt in court.

Challenging Field Sobriety Test Results:

Despite their standardized nature, Field Sobriety Tests are not foolproof, and various factors can influence the results. Weather conditions, uneven surfaces, and an individual’s physical or medical conditions can all impact test performance. It is crucial to understand that FSTs are subjective, and officers may interpret results differently.

If you are facing DUI charges based on Field Sobriety Tests, challenging the results is a valid defense strategy. An experienced DUI attorney can help review the circumstances surrounding your arrest, assess the accuracy of the tests, and identify potential errors or misconduct by law enforcement officers.

Alternative Explanations for Poor Performance:

Field Sobriety Tests assume that impairment is solely due to alcohol or drug use. However, various factors can contribute to poor performance on these tests. Fatigue, nervousness, medical conditions, or even certain prescription medications can impact an individual’s ability to perform these tests successfully.

A skilled defense attorney can explore alternative explanations for poor performance and present a compelling case to challenge the reliability of Field Sobriety Test results. Establishing doubt about the accuracy of the tests can be crucial in obtaining a favorable outcome in a DUI case.

The Role of Body Cameras and Dash Cams:

With the increasing use of body cameras and dash cams by law enforcement officers, there is often recorded evidence of Field Sobriety Tests. This footage can be valuable in evaluating the conduct of both the driver and the officer during the interaction.

If you have been subjected to a Field Sobriety Test, it is essential to obtain any available video footage to review the circumstances surrounding your arrest. A thorough examination of the footage may reveal procedural errors, violations of rights, or other factors that could strengthen your defense.

Legal Representation and Your Rights:

If you find yourself facing DUI charges based on Field Sobriety Tests in Arizona, seeking legal representation is crucial. An experienced DUI attorney can guide you through the legal process, explain your rights, and develop a robust defense strategy tailored to your case.

It’s important to remember that you have the right to remain silent and the right to legal representation. Exercise these rights, and consult with an attorney before making any statements to law enforcement. Your attorney can help protect your rights, challenge the evidence against you, and work towards minimizing the impact of DUI charges on your life.


Field Sobriety Tests play a significant role in DUI cases in Arizona, and understanding their implications is essential for anyone facing such charges. Knowing your rights, being aware of potential challenges to FST results, and seeking legal representation are crucial steps in navigating the legal complexities associated with DUI arrests.

If you ever find yourself subjected to Field Sobriety Tests, remember that cooperation does not mean relinquishing your rights. Consult with an experienced DUI attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and explore all available avenues for a strong defense. By being informed and proactive, you can better navigate the legal process and work towards a favorable resolution to your DUI case.

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