5 Cheap Yet Stylish Home Design Upgrades Using Department Store Finds


For more than half a century, Australians drop by the Big W if they need something for their home or if they want affordable fashion pieces. With over 180 stores all over the country, it is easy to find your essential items in the discount department store division of Woolworths Group of retail chains. You will find all the information you need on offers in the big w catalogue or the department store aisles. You can plan your shopping without needing to spend more on high-quality items.


Nowadays, more homeowners plan to upgrade their homes by adding stylish decor pieces and fixtures. If you are one of those who have the inclination to upgrade your interior design without spending too much, here are several items that you may find in your favourite Big W branch.


DIY Pendant Lights Using Storage Baskets


Turn your house into a tropical paradise without spending a fortune. You can imitate the look of expensive wicker or cane pendant lights that you normally find in luxury resorts or posh hotels using the storage baskets you can find in Big W.


You only need to buy affordable DIY plugin pendant lights from hardware stores and place them inside an upside-down storage basket. Hang it in your ceiling for your inexpensive yet posh-looking light fixtures at home.


Summer-Inspired Home Accessories


Want to feel the warmth of summer all year round? You can find something from the latest edition of the big w catalogue to turn your house into a warm and happy place.


Small items like a pineapple-shaped memo board can become a conversation piece if you use it as decor. You may turn the item into a key holder and hang it in strategic areas to get the summer vibe going all over your home, even during the colder months.


Pretty Organisation Staples


Are you one of those who have got inspired by Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” documentary and suddenly have an urge to organise everything in your home? You can let go of all things that do not spark joy and make the house look more inviting using the pretty storage items from Big W.


Even concealed areas like the fridge can look beautiful with simple storage items. You can ditch the ugly packages and replace them with chic storage boxes and containers to make your fridge look good and organised. You may get clear storage boxes with wood-like lids to make it easier for you to see the contents of your boxes.


Chic DIY Vases Using Toilet-Cleaning Materials


You may turn even the most ordinary items at home and make them more sophisticated with a few tricks. For example, the white toilet brush holder can become a stylish decor piece by replacing the toilet brush with fresh flowers.


Take the makeshift vase in one of the visible corners of your house to make it more elegant. No one can guess that the white vase that you use was a toilet fixture.


Trendy DIY Side Table


If you like the cheap DIY pendant light, you would also love this side table hack using affordable items from the big department store chain. You only need to purchase a big storage basket and put a large wooden tray on top of it.


Place the makeshift side table near your sofa or place it in the middle of the living room to use as a coffee table. It will help the room look like a plush paradise.


These simple and cheap design hacks using affordable department store products will help your home look expensive. You only need to let your imagination run wild while shopping at your nearest Big W branch to find new tricks to improve your home interior design.



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