8 Specific Things You Need To Know About Snow Board

Do you have any plans for the upcoming winter? Do you like adventure? Are you athletic?

Many people are excited about the winter because they can go snowboarding again. If you are a first-timer snowboarder, you need to consider some factors when selecting your equipment. Snowboards have specific lengths, widths, and shapes. Each of these allows for its user to glide smoothly and safely down the icy slopes.

Since snowboards are expected to take many impacts, they must be made with precision and out of only the highest quality of materials. The collection of Burton Snowboard is the only gear in town that lives up to these qualities.

Beginners might be unfamiliar with selecting their gear for their snowboarding holiday this winter. If you are one of them, these tips could help you select the perfect snowboard for you.


Choosing the Right Size  and Shape


When buying a snowboard or renting, you must know your weight when choosing the snowboard length. You can also use the size charts available in the shops and rental facilities to know what length you are compatible with.


Choosing your snowboard width depends on the snowboard boots you will use. Snowboard width and boots size charts are also available in your local stores and rental facilities. Knowing the right size will help your boots to extend slightly over the edges.

Camber vs rocker

Camber helps the rider to easily turn and curve on hard snow. This is recommended for beginners since it provides security and precision at high speed.

Rocker is the opposite of camber. It is normally called alternate camber. It helps the rider stay on top of soft snow due to its nose and tail installed on a snowboard.


Choosing a snowboard shape depends on when you want to ride.

If you plan to ride in the park, it is recommended to pick a board with a shorter end.

If you plan to do it in all-mountain, you may consider a board that has a longer end.

Snowboards also come in different shapes, including:

  1. True twin shapeThis board has a symmetrical shape or mirror line shape. Mostly it is suited for freestyle and all-mountain riders.


  1. Directional twin shapeThis shape is commonly used for all-mountain freestyle riders.


  1. Directional shape – This shape has a setback stance and has a slightly longer nose than the tail. This is commonly used for all-mountain riders and free riders.

Types of Snowboards

There are different types of snowboards. Choosing a snowboard depends on the place or the snow condition you are planning to ride.


It is a softer flexing snowboard equipped with a mirror shovel at each board’s end. This board usually has low back bindings and deep sidecut used for quick turns. The freestyle Snowboards are recommended for beginners with lower body weights.


This board is longer than the freestyle. This board is designed for riding all over the mountain and off-piste.


This board is used if you are planning to ride with deeper snow since it was designed for a deep powder snow area.


This board is best for any terrain adventure rides.


You should now know the equipment you will when you go snowboarding with friends and family. But keep in mind that safe snowboarding is still the priority, however fun it may be.



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