The Top Benefits of Using Gatsby Headless CMS 

Do you need to shift to technologies that allow you to share your marketing content on several channels without affecting quality? Well, the headless content management system (CMS) allows you to share content in several channels and makes the management of content simpler. Gatsby Headless CMS helps to overcome the limitation of the traditional CMS.  

What is a headless CMS? 

In simple terms, a headless CMS refers to a content management system in which the data layer is distinct from the frontend layer.  

For you to understand what we mean, you first need to understand what a conventional CMS is and how it works. Traditional CMS, such as Drupal and WordPress, store your content in a database and utilize a set of HTML-based templates to manage content presentation. Several of these systems deliver content through server-side rendering. This hurts load times and slows down the experience of the users. Additionally, traditional CMS involves putting both content and code in one bucket. Consequently, it is impossible to reuse content given that it commingles with code. 

On the other hand, headless CMS returns structured data using an API, for example, GraphQL and ESTful APIs. The availability of content as structured data allows its delivery to the target audience via the chosen channel or device. Instead of merging the presentation layer and the data layer to develop HTML, a headless CMS, such as Gasby headless CMS, returns unstyled XML or JSON. This will be compiled and optimized using a frontend framework.  

What are the advantages of Gatsby headless CMS? 

Gatsby headless CMS from Kontent by Kentico offers several benefits that conventional CMS does not. 

The following is a description of these benefits: 

#1: Ease of use 

As indicated earlier, content and code are separated in a headless CMS. This makes it easier for editors to manage content. Additionally, with the headless CMS, developers can utilize the latest frameworks and tools to actualize content experiences on all modern platforms. With these CMS, you won’t be locked into the limitations of a specific content management system, such as proprietary language. You will find it easy to use the Gatsby headless CMS to manage your content.  

#2: Omnichannel 

Gatsby headless CMS forcefully splits data from its presentation to the users. This is quite beneficial if you want to use the content for several channels. Given that the content’s purity is maintained without being mixed with the medium-specific description of its presentation to the user, it will be easier to repurpose your data for various channels. Therefore, headless CMS from Kontent allows you to share your content on any channel and device.  

#3: Reduction in development time  

You will realize that this Gatsby headless CMS is flexible and agile, allowing you to start working on your site and use applications immediately. Content delivered through APIs is considerably easier to manipulate, integrate and distribute, reducing the amount of time you take to develop content-driven experiences. Moreover, headless CMS will help you attain fast turnaround times because you don’t have to wait until your new content has been published on your site before adding it.  

#4: Enhanced security 

Headless CMS has limited connections to open databases or servers, presenting limited room for malicious attacks. The system allows you to host your content repository in a tightly secured environment and export the contents only when you are developing the final pages. The headless CMS will protect you against malicious attacks because there is no server-side code for rendering your web pages.  

#5: No overhead costs  

You will find that with the Gatsby headless CMS, your maintenance costs will be low. You will not have to worry about managing database clusters or scaling global infrastructures. The headless CMS handles all this as it provides a cloud-based content management solution. 

Conclusion: Kontent by Kentico headless CMS 

Kontent by Kentico will deliver the best CMS solution in the market. You are assured of ease of use, omnichannel capabilities, lower cost, enhanced security, and reduced turnaround time.  

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