Buckle Up: The Importance of Universal Seat Belts in Vehicle Safety

The seat belt is one of the top advancements in vehicle safety history. Drivers began to see seat belts in vehicles in the 1930s. By the late 1960s seat belts became standard in cars in the front seats only. Today, there are many laws requiring passengers to wear seat belts, in both the front and rear of the vehicle. Here are details about how universal seat belts work.

What Are Universal Seat Belts?

The universal seat belt is a safety belt that can be used in almost any type of vehicle, no matter the make or model. Universal seat belts come in both lap and shoulder belt models for flexibility.

Universal seat belts are a good option if your vehicle is an older, classic model. Classic cars or vehicles that are more than 20 years old may not have adequate seat belts installed. Universal models can be added or swapped out with the original seat belt.

Benefits of Universal Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt while driving or riding as a passenger is a no-brainer. Seat belts save lives and have shown a reduced rate of deaths from vehicle collisions. Drivers and passengers who wear seat belts for every trip are also much less likely to suffer a serious injury in an accident.

Universal seat belts can make riding in an older vehicle much safer. They may also help increase safety in a car if the original seat belts aren’t working. Hobby car enthusiasts who build kit cars can also use universal seat belts in their projects.

Types of Universal Seat Belts

Universal seat belts come in two main types – the two-point belt and the three-point belt. The two-point seat belt is a lap belt, like the Pilot 74in universal seat belt. They can be installed as retractable or standard.

The three-point belt is a shoulder and lap belt design. This meets the requirements for the front seat in most vehicle models and offers a higher standard of safety.

Proper Usage and Installation of Universal Seat Belts

Installing a seat belt can be a challenging job for someone without a lot of mechanical experience. If you feel confident, you can add or replace seat belts in your vehicle. Installing a standard lap belt is the easiest project for an amateur. Retractable three-point shoulder harnesses are the most difficult to install.

Once you swap out or add new universal seat belts, you need to make sure they work correctly. Consider adding a seat belt clip to get a perfect fit. It’s also smart to take your vehicle to a certified vehicle inspection station to get extra reassurance that your installation job is right.

Equip Any Vehicle With a Seat Belt

Universal seat belts can make any vehicle safer, even a historic model that didn’t come with seat belts. They can also add to your vehicle’s safety if your existing seat belts aren’t up to the task.

Installing new seat belts is possible if your car’s belts are malfunctioning or broken. Universal seat belts are a convenient option for replacing problem seat belts or adding to your vehicle’s modern safety features.

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