The ‘How Skinny Jeans Should Fit’ Checklist

The ‘How Skinny Jeans Should Fit’ Checklist

Here’s what you do if you’re trying something on in-store, or if you’re willing to order a pair of skinny jeans and return in them if they aren’t quite right. Note – if you’re ordering from Mavi, we have a 14-day grace period where you can send them straight back to us – no problems! We understand that it’s just a necessary part of the online experience, so why would we make it difficult for you!

Let’s get into the integral ‘How Skinny Jeans Should Fit’ Checklist.

The Skinny Jean Rise

The rise of a jean is the length measured from the bottom crotch seam to the top centre of the waistline (the button).

Does the rise suit your body type? See the cheat sheet below for some clarity

Tall: Low-rise and Mid-rise

Wearing a high-rise jean will elongate your legs, creating extra height, which is not always something a taller woman wants.

Short: Mid-rise and High-rise

A shorter woman may wish to elongate her stature – extra length in the rise of the jean will create this extended aesthetic.

Average Height: Low-rise, Mid-rise, and High-rise

Women considered average height (5’4 to 5’6 – or thereabouts) are lucky enough to have the flexibility in choosing all rise variants.

Note – it’s very important to remember that this is a rough guide and bodies are extremely unique. Even though you are short, you may just rock a pair of low-rise jeans. So if you have the opportunity, try on whatever you want!

Stretch and the Quality of Fabric

If you’ve gone for quality, there should be just the right amount of stretch in your skinny jeans to counteract restriction. But how much stretch should there be?

You should be able to pinch the denim away from your leg and see loose fabric halfway to the first knuckle (give it a go, hopefully you know what we mean…). If you want to do this without trying them on first, you have to look at the quantities of elastin vs cotton. Most Mavi skinny products will be around 4 % elastin (the perfect amount). 

Elastin and Sustainability

The level of sustainability is in question when we talk about elastin, because, well, it’s plastic. But we want to quickly identify that jeans can still be recyclable with elastin in them. 

Donate: Donate or hand down your jeans, don’t chuck them out! And if there are any holes or tears that aren’t fashion orientated, then run down to the local tailor and get it patched up!

Decommission: If you’ve decided that your jeans are beyond saving, decommission them and donate the fabrics, either a sewing shop, kindergarten or an art supplies store!

The Waist

Not too much time’s required explaining this one. Ensure you’ve got your waist size right. With the right fit, you shouldn’t need a belt. Once again, this one’s a little easier if you can try it before you buy. 

Ankle Cut Off

The ankle cut off is somewhat of a preference vs body type. Some fashion enthusiasts would recommend that taller individuals steer clear of high cut offs, and this (like the rise illusion), elongates the legs creating artificial height.

We say – if they look good on you, go for it!

Also, take into consideration temperatures. Frozen ankles in winter is a thing!

Have a look at our Ankle Grazer Jeans article if this one has you stumped or conflicted. 


The aesthetic is the first box you’ll tick. There’s no pointing getting a pair of jeans that are comfortable if you’re sacrificing your style preference. This might be obvious, but we just wanted to make sure the message hasn’t been lost. 

Camel Toe Check

Ensure the jeans aren’t riding up too much, this will be uncomfortable for you and possibly others. A good way to check this is to stride around the shop, do a squat, lift your knees high and see if they are still sitting comfortably.

The Flex Check

Combine the camel toe check with the flex check to ensure you’ll find consistent comfort post-purchase.

The Butt Check  

Back pockets – can you slide your hand into the back pocket? If not, it may be a little too tight. You want the pockets to sit square, if you are going for a ‘rounded’ look pockets that are closer to the waistline will highlight your curves and lift. 

Mavi Skinny Jeans

Found the answer to how skinny jeans should fit? If not, roll in and take a look at our Skinny Jeans Collection. We outline the model’s build and sizes so you can identify whether the jeans are going to feel right on you. We also have a Denim Fit Guide to show you the way to selecting the correct pair of jeans that are going to deliver on style, comfort, and quality.

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