Live in a Small Apartment? Here are 6 Easy Ways to Store Your Kids’ Toys!

Having kids equal clutter and disorganization. Toys can take up space especially when you live in a small apartments for rent in Norman, and you have lego blocks and toy cars littered here and there. Not only is this a sore to the eye, but it can also be dangerous for both you and your kids. Parents have gotten injured from stepping on leggo blocks, and kids have had complications from the ingestion of play toys. 


Perhaps you have piles of teddy bears and barbie’s but how do you store them all in the same place so they’re all accessible at a moment’s notice? There are lots of toy storage ideas out there, the key is to make sure every single item has its designated storage area.

In choosing a storage material, you have to consider space, too. All these factors to consider can be a headache, if you’re still confused as to which type of storage item to pick for your kid’s playroom, here are some kids toy storage ideas that might help.

Toy Chest

Toy chests are one of the most universal and simple storage solutions out there. Toy storage chests come in all shapes and sizes and offer several advantages over other options. 

Toy chests are large and hollow. They can be made of wood, plastics, or even clothing materials. A toy chest can house multiple sets of toys, of different sizes. They sometimes have different compartments so you don’t have to waste time moving everything out of the way every time you open up the chest. Unlike a stationary toy chest,  boxes and bags can be bulky and messy, especially if you have a lot of them. A toy storage chest offers all the benefits of having your toys organized without the added burden.

Toy storage ideas that depend on the actual shape and size of the toy can also be more effective. For example, if you have a wide variety of small  stuffed animals, it makes sense to have them all kept together in one place so they’re easier to access Packers and movers .

If you want to have your toys protected from damage, a wooden chest is a perfect solution.

Mesh Hangers

Talking about saving space in a small apartment, mesh hangers can be a great way to keep toys off the ground. It is a good storage option for light toys like balls or stuffed animals. Mesh hangers usually have a hook-like end so you hang them to the wall or another hook by a storage cabinet. 


This storage option is difficult for children to reach so they might likely call on you to bring the toys out during playtime. It would be best to keep toys that are rarely used in the mesh so you don’t have to pull them down all the time. When not in use, this mesh can easily be folded and stored away in a drawer.  


Stuffed Animal Hammock

A stuffed animal hammock is a great alternative that keeps your child’s stuffed toys stored within their reach.  Kids of all ages enjoy playing with these types of toys and would want to take them out to play regularly.

A hammock is an above-ground storage material so it would definitely save space. You can buy hammocks with more than one level if your kid has a large collection of toys. You can also get creative and build a hammock yourself. 

Storage Cubes

Another toy storage idea for children is toy storage cubes. These cubes usually come with a few shelves inside of them so you can store toys in categories. 

You can also purchase a storage cube for your child from the internet. There is a variety of different options available and all can be personalized with your child’s name or you can pint it with bright colors for added decoration. 

Some websites even allow you to customize the color of the storage material you want to purchase. This would look appealing to your kids and they would be compelled to put their toys in there when playtime is over. 

Over-the-Door Hangers


Over-the-door hangers are a great solution for organizing small spaces or trying to save space. The unique design of the over-the-door hanger makes it ideal for hanging in front or the back of a door as the name implies. 

Because they are designed to be very simple in design, you can purchase them to fit the color of your door or kids’ room. Another advantage of using hangers is that are made specifically for small spaces, allowing people to use them to organize small toys in different packets. 

In addition to their convenience, over-the-door hangers also save money because they are a more affordable storage solution, Because they are easy to use, people are more likely to purchase them because they offer an alternative to simple plastic bags. 

Storage Bins 

Several toy storage ideas are available on the market today. These include storage bins. Storage bins can be placed at the corner of your child’s room and can be used to store everyday toys. 

What to Consider Before Choosing a Storage Material

It is important to measure your child’s space to make sure that the storage unit will not only fit all of the toys that your child has, but that the storage system will also fit within the available space in the room. 

If you have a large house or room it is important to determine the best way to organize the different areas that your child plays in. If one area has more toys than another area, then purchasing storage items in that particular area may be the best idea.


Kids toy storage units are a great way for children to play organized. Parents can keep track of which toys are stored and which have to be thrown away, saving precious time that might be spent searching for lost toys.

Most storage companies offer a wide range of storage units that can be purchased according to your needs and your budget. You can also purchase storage units that come with locking doors or cabinets. Many storage cabinets and units have doors that are made of durable plastic or glass that can be opened and closed like a door. You can also buy storage cabinets with a lock and key.


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