PMMVY Full Form – How to Apply PMMVY?

PMMVY Full Form: Welcome dear friends, to our site here in this post we are going to discuss the PMMVY Full Form.

Our Government launches so, many Yojana’s and PMMVY is one of them and PMMVY is declared in 2016 by the Indian Government.

PMMVY Full Form

So, mainly the PMMVY Full Form is “Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana“. Let’s learn more details about the PMMVY or Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.

What is PMMVY? – PMMVY Full Form.

When do you ask the question What is PMMVY? and the answer is this is a Scheme for the Indian Ladies.

The PMMVY Scheme is announced in 2016 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Also, this Scheme is continued…

The PMMVY is standing For Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.

What are the Benefits of PMMVY?

Every Scheme has some benefits for the people as the PMMVY Scheme is only for Ladies who are getting Pregnant.

In this Scheme, Pregnant Women are Get Rs. 5000/- rupees form Government. Also, the payment is given in three Instalment.

In the First Instalment Rs.1000/- rupees paid to the Beneficiary. After that, the Second and Third Instalment is Paid For Rs.2000/- each.

The Rs. 5000/- is paid to the beneficiary in the period of 1 month to 10 months. It means When Childbirth All PMMVY money is paid to the beneficiary.

Who Gets Benefits from PMMVY?

The Scheme is a very good scheme for the Pregnant ladies or lactating mothers except who are engaged in the Government job.

This Scheme is Lunched in 2016 but it works from 1 January 2017. After this date, the Women who become pregnant for the First Child in her Family can get the PMMVY benefits.

How to Apply for PMMVY?

There are two processes to apply for the PMMVY so, one in Online Apply and another hand the Offline Apply. Also, the Applicant can apply in any ways of above two.

A beneficiary can apply for the scheme only within 730 days from the date of her Last Menstrual Period.

Offline Apply for PMMVY

The Eligible women who want to apply for PMMVY they have to contact with AWC (Anganwadi Centre) or the Heath Centre’s that approved by the Government.

There are some Documents are needed to apply for the PMMVY Scheme. Also, the documents are listed below.

  • Duly filled Application Form 1A
  • Copy of MCP card
  • Copy of Identity Proof
  • Copy of Bank/Post Office Account Passbook
  • An undertaking/consent duly signed by the applicant and her husband,

If you want to learn all the process that how can you apply for PMMVY. read the post to learn full steps Apply For PMMVY Offline/Online

Final word PMMVY Full Form

Finally, We are in the Conclusion so, the PMMVY Full Form is “Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

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