CFL Full Form – What is CFL Full Form?

CFL Full Form: Welcome dear friends, Light is an important thing in our daily life and there are many Types of Lights. One of them is CFL and What is the CFL Full Form.

So, Let’s Something about the CFL and its history, also, about its Full Form. AS many people have a question What is the Full Form of CFL. Let’s start exploring.

CFL Full Form

Mainly the CFL Full Form is “Compact Fluorescent Light” it is the Full Form that is used for only light CFL. Also, the Term has many other Full Forms that are listed below.

Before we learning about more Full Forms of CFL we have learned something about its history. What is CFL? and Who First Introduced the CFL? etc.

What is CFL and Its History?

The CFL is a generation of Electric Bulb for the CFL there is a great revolution in light history. And History is created by Peter Cooper Hewitt in the 1890 century.

But in that time the CFL Cost going to very high so, the CFL redesigned in 1939 also, this time CFL is going to high price.

Finally, in the 1976 century, the CFL is again redesigned then the CFL is coming at the average price And finally, the CFL is customized for every people for use.


Also, the CFL is used as an acronym so, it has many full forms. So, for we placed many CFL Full Forms in the Below table read all to know all Full Forms of CFL acronym.

Benefits of CFL

There are many benefits of CFL as comparing with the regular Electric Bulb. Because of the CFL Bulb using less amount of Electric Energy as Comparing the Regular Electric Bulb.

Also, CFL Bulb reduces your monthly electric bill so, for this cause CFL is very useful for people than other Electric balls.

All CFL Full Forms

CFL AcronymCFL Full Forms
CFLCanadian Football League
CFLCompact Fluorescent Lamp
CFLCentral Florida
CFLComité des Finances Locales
CFLCompact Fluorescent Light/bulb
CFLContinental Football League
CFLCrossing the Finish Line 
CFLCenter for Ledelse
CFLCathode Fluorescent Lamp
CFLCollege of Foreign Languages 
CFLCampaign for Liberty
CFLCenter for Limnology
CFLClaim for Loss
CFLCommon Feed List
CFLCorel Flowchart
CFLCollege Football Line
CFLCentral Federal Lands
CFLCollaborative Family Law
CFLCentral Freight Lines 
CFLCommunity Foundation of Louisville
CFLContext-Free Language
CFLCircumpolar Flaw Lead
CFLChildren, Families, and Learning
CFLCentral Forensic Laboratory 
CFLCall Failure 
CFLCan’t Find Love
CFLCalcaneofibular Ligament
CFLCoaching for Leadership 
CFLCentre de Foresterie des Laurentides 
CFLCenter for Literacy
CFLConnecticut for Lieberman
CFLCalifornia Federation of Labor
CFLChampions for Life
CFLCatholic Forensic League
CFLCoordinated Fire Line
CFLChrist for Life
CFLCleared Flight Level 
CFLCoefficient de Frottement Longitudinal
CFLChoppers for Life
CFLCeasefire Line
CFLChemin de Fer Luxembourgeois
CFLCalibrated Focal Length
CFLCanadian Federation of Labour
CFLChinese Forced Labor
CFLCadet Flight Leader
CFLClub Francais du Livre
CFLSociété Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxemburgeois 
CFLCapacitated Facility Location
CFLContingency Planning Facilities List 
CFLCourant-Friedrich-Levy Condition 
CFLCargo Force Limited
CFLConsolidated Fisheries Ltd
CFLCritical Field Length
CFLChinese Federation of Labor 
CFLCercle Félin du Languedoc
CFLCentre de Formation en Langues 
CFLConfidential Frequency List 
CFLCommission on Filipino Language
CFLCommunity Foundation of the Lowcountry
CFLCommand File Language
CFLCeylon Federation of Labor
CFLConsequence of Failure Level
CFLComputer Forensics Laboratory
CFLCommittee for a Free Latvia
CFLChristian Family Living/Life
CFLCommittee for a Free Lithuania
CFLCustomer Final Label 
CFLClose Focus Lens
CFLCold Flush
CFLCustom Function Library
CFLConstant Feed Lubricator
CFLCommittee on Federal Laboratories
CFLCold Flow Laboratory
CFLCritical Functionality Loss
CFLCaptain/Colonel for Life
CFLCommission Fédérale du Logement 


Dear Friends, finally the CFL Full Form is ” Compact Fluorescent Light ” and there are many full forms are listed in the above table you can check them if you have any doubt then comment below we must help you.

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