CPO Full Form – What is CPO full form?

The CPO Full Form is “Corporate Planning Office”, “Chief Planning Officer”, “Charge Point Operator” and “Crime Prevention Officer”.

Mainly CPO stands for “Charge Pump Output”, “Civilian Personnel Online”, and “Central Payments Office”. Now we listed some CPO Full Form in Hindi on the below table.

CPO Full Form in Hindi Meaning

Corporate Planning Office
कॉर्पोरेट योजना कार्यालय
Chief Planning Officer
मुख्य योजना अधिकारी
Charge Point Operator
चार्ज प्वाइंट ऑपरेटर
Crime Prevention Officer
अपराध निरोधक अधिकारी
Charge Pump Output
चार्ज पंप आउटपुट
Civilian Personnel Online
नागरिक कार्मिक ऑनलाइन
Central Payments Office
केंद्रीय भुगतान कार्यालय
Chief Petty Officer
मुख्य नाविक अधिकारी
Certified Pre-Owned 
पहले से प्रमाणित व पूर्ण स्वामित्व वाला
Compulsory Purchase Order
अनिवार्य खरीद आदेश
Certified Pool Operator
प्रमाणित पूल संचालक
City Police Officer
शहर के पुलिस अधिकारी
Computer Printout
कंप्यूटर प्रिंटआउट
Chief People Office
मुख्य लोग कार्यालय
Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase
कोप्रोपोरफेरिनोजेन ऑक्सीडेज
Computer Peripherals Operation
कंप्यूटर परिधीय ऑपरेशन
Care Plan Oversight
केयर प्लान ओवरसाइट
Complete Partial Order
पूर्ण आंशिक आदेश
Catalytic Partial Oxidation
कैटेलिटिक आंशिक ऑक्सीकरण
Customer Payment Order
ग्राहक भुगतान आदेश

In the above table, we know about many full forms in Hindi meaning. now we discuss some questions asked on the internet.

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Q-1 What does CPO stands for?

CPO mainly stands for “crime petroling offecer” and “Customer Payment Order”.

Q-2 What is CPO Full Form in Hindi meaning?

There are many Full Forms of VRV but there is VRV meaning in Hindi. So, thCPO Full Form in Hindi is “Customer Payment Order”=”ग्राहक भुगतान आदेश”.

Q-3 What is CPO?

CPO Full Form

The CPO Full Form is “Chief People Office”.

Q-4 What is the Full Form of CPO?

The Full Form CPO is “Corporate Planning Office”, “Chief Planning Officer”, “Charge Point Operator” and “Crime Prevention Officer”.


You have learned many Full Form of CPO, so finally we concluded that the CPO Full Form mainly stands for Mainly CPO stands for “Charge Pump Output”, “Civilian Personnel Online”, and “Central Payments Office”.

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