Keeping Your Home Cool: The Benefits of Installing Solar-powered Attic Fans 

During the summer in Florida, when the temperature soars high, your air conditioning unit works more to keep your home cool and provide you with comfort from the heat. Unfortunately, this extra work may cause the air conditioners to develop faults, especially if you have a poorly ventilated attic. 

One way you can solve the temperature problem in your home and prevent your AC from wearing out often is to install solar-powered attic fans that allow for effective control of airflow. If you don’t know how to do this or the type to buy, you can contact companies providing top-quality air-conditioning repair in Gainesville, Florida, for guidance. 

Why Solar-Powered Attic Fans? 

Solar-powered attic fans are small standalone fans that are installed on your roof to help improve the ventilation in your attic. They pull the hot air out of your attic and replace it with cooler air. 

When hot air is allowed to stay in your attic soon enough, it will be transferred to all corners of your home. This will, in turn, raise your home temperature. 

By helping to cool your attic, a solar-powered attic fan reduces the workload on your air conditioning unit, prolongs the lifespan of the unit, and also provides a better alternative to replacing the unit. 

Benefits of Installing a Solar-powered Attic Fan

Let’s look at some benefits of installing a solar-powered attic fan. 

● It Keeps Your Home Cooler in Summer 

In areas with warmer climates, like Florida, the heat buildup in your attic not only radiates to the living spaces below but can also damage your roof, insulation, and structural integrity of your home. The added heat makes your air conditioner work harder. Thankfully, the solar-powered attic fan can help cool down this hot air. 

● It Saves You Money 

If your home is extremely hot, your HVAC system will work harder to cool the temperature effectively. This will eventually lead to a high utility bill. 

As the name implies, solar-powered attic runs by using energy from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about recurring billing. The only cost you will incur is the cost of the installation which isn’t so much compared to the cost of paying utility bills or repairing your AC units at intervals of time. In other words, you can enjoy cooler temperatures in your home without spending so much money. 

● They are Environmentally Friendly

When you use solar-powered attic fans, you harness natural sources of power. This way, you are not contributing to environmental damage caused by other power sources. 

● It Reduces Moisture in Your Attic

When hot air is allowed to stay long in the attic, it can condense and turn to moisture. The moisture can seep into your woodwork, leading to rot; it can also foster the growth of molds, reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and result in other damages that may be expensive to repair. Solar attic fans can help draw moisture out, making your attic less humid. 

● It Increases the Longevity of Your Roof

Your roof is a vital part of your home’s structure. As such, it needs to be preserved from damage, or you may be compromising the entire structure of your home. When moisture builds up in your attic, it can also damage your roof. Over time, your roof may collapse or develop serious faults that will require costly repairs or a total replacement. 

● It Requires No Maintenance Or Operation Cost

Once installed perfectly the solar-powered attic fan doesn’t need anything else to operate. You don’t have to pay for fuel or other energy sources to run it. Also, it doesn’t need any extra maintenance. As long as it is running smoothly, you don’t need to call on a technician. 

● It Increases The Lifespan Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units are expected to last between 15-20 years. However, if the unit is doing more work than it was originally designed for, it will break down more often, and eventually, it will pack up. Having a solar-powered attic fan installed along with the unit can help reduce the workload of your air conditioning unit, hence making it last longer.   

Installing a solar-powered attic fan is a good investment that can provide many benefits to your home all year round. To fully explore the benefits it offers, you can contact a professional to install a solar attic fan in your home and start enjoying the benefits right away.

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