How To Promote Your Grand Opening Via Video

Are you thinking about opening a new store? Ready to launch your brand-new business? Struggling with innovative and eye-catching grand opening ideas? Need help planning a buzz around your brand? 

Undoubtedly, a grand opening can set the stage for a profitable business, but here comes the difficult task: marketing the event properly is as significant as planning the grand launch. With the changing needs, shift towards digitalization, and the nature of media, it’s getting intricate by the second. 

The grand opening of your business is very exciting and important – but at the same time, quite nerve-wracking. It’s no secret that videos have become the most popular choice for content consumption these days. In fact, an average person is addicted to watching 100 minutes of videos per day. And despite the shifts and development of newer digital platforms, video marketing hasn’t been more critical than it’s right now.

85% of Americans watch online video content on multiple devices, and 54% of consumers want to see more engaging video content from a business or a brand, hence, making video a vital marketing element for businesses. 

Keep reading as we explore the best way to ensure attracting the highest number of audiences to an opening event. Admittedly, hosting a grand opening through video may seem overwhelming until and unless you have a guide. This is exactly what this blog is about, so here are your tools to ensure your grand opening event is a hit.

We have many things to discuss, so let’s dive right in:

Creating A High Impact Digital Grand Opening

Developing a marketing strategy for your grand opening is daunting for a new marketing and business team. Indeed, not every business needs to plan a formal grand opening event, but some simply want to get the word out to as many customers as possible. 

Hence, it all begins with creating an awe-inspiring and impressive brand launch video. Remember, it’s all about how you create a video, product placement, transitions, and many more. It’s essential to understand how the video fits with the customer’s buying journey. 

Moreover, virtual grand openings are not limited to geographical locations, hence, providing businesses with opportunities to connect with customers all across the globe. Creating a video isn’t easy, indeed, but with the applications available today, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. We love PosterMyWall for offering a wide variety of customizable built-in templates allowing even a layman to create a professional video in a couple of hours. 

Before moving to how a grand opening video can create buzz, let’s understand its significance in today’s digitalized era. 

Reasons Supporting Grand Launch Via Video

Whether you are planning to open another franchise or launching a new product line – there’s nothing like a grand opening event to get in front of your potential audience. It’s an excellent way to get the community excited about your brand and product. 

Here are a few other reasons why a business needs grand openings, and videos are one of the best mediums out there:

  1. Ideally, businesses want their customers to recognize their brand, taking consistency, effort, and continuous investment. Video helps brands get on their consumer’s radars. A launch means it’s entering the market, so the brand needs all the attention it can get, and what better way to create awareness than video.
  2. A video grand opening helps building word-of-mouth marketing by giving the attendees something to talk about in the future. It also provides a taste of your brand, experience, and personality. 
  3. Finally, it acts like a magnet to attract customers who otherwise may not know about your business. 

Marketing Your Grand Opening Through A Video

Did you know that 72% of customers prefer to watch a video to learn about a brand or product rather than read about it? 

Utilizing social media channels to promote your big announcement day through video is a great way. Marketing managers can opt for a contest. Don’t forget to create hype around it and conclude the event with the announcement of the winner during the grand opening. Remember, products and videos that show off popular elements are a great way to increase views and go viral. Here, marketers need to design attention-grabbing covers to create awareness regarding the grand event. 

Another option is to live stream your grand opening. A live stream helps the marketers introduce their brand or product and create a strong customer bond. It allows an enormous crowd to attend the grand opening event from the convenience of their home and feel the excitement and other attendees. Marketers can create an engaging invitation for the big day and share it with customers. Not only do customers appreciate the invitation to be part of the event, but it’s also great to get a large number of eyes on your business. 

Create A Grand Opening With Grand Outcomes 

You already have a great business to start or launch a new product. You might even have charmed your audience with eye-catching invitations and date details, but failing at promotion can wreck the entire event. With the statistics shared above, it’s evident that business needs a video to thrive. 

Undeniably, video marketing is a fun and simple way to share the brand story and grow your business. Creating and sharing videos for your grand event on the top video sharing platform increases your brand’s reach and builds the ultimate first impression.  

And grand opening videos are a great way to build hype about the new store. 


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