Match-Fixing And 3 Tips To Avoid Such Events In Live Betting

Match-fixing sports events exist. They have been repeatedly identified in tennis, basketball, football, and other sports. There are 3 tips on recognizing pre-fixed results and avoiding risks while live betting.

Uncharacteristic Bets Before A Game

The odds reflect an actual picture before the game. But they can also depend on the cash flow on the bookie website. For example, in the line, a Chelsea win over Arsenal is quoted at odds of 2.3. The more bets placed on the first team, the lower the numbers will be. Thus, the bookmaker equalizes the odds ufabet

How can this information help identify the “strange” match before live betting? If we see that the odds before the game are too low and don’t reflect the possibilities of the teams, there are fears that the match is rigged. This is especially noticeable in the lower leagues, where the markets are sensitive. The reason for a large number of foul plays in the second and third divisions is the low salaries of athletes and referees.

Be careful, small fluctuations in odds can be caused by external factors, including changes in weather, injury to a leading player, and loss of motivation.

Fans know about the scandal in Serie A, where 76 match-fixing matches were officially revealed. Italian teams have a tradition of playing a draw at the end of the season. Clubs help each other by agreeing on mutually beneficial results. For example, the odds on draws can fall to 1.5, which defies any logic.

Bookmakers cited statistics. On April 2 and 3, 2011 half a million euros was bet on the draw in the match between Chievo and Sampdoria. In comparison, the sum reached a maximum of ten thousand in other games. The game ended 0-0.

To detect “strange” matches, competently analyzing the line before live betting, is realistic. But this should be done carefully. Even false outbursts of information can influence the fluctuations.

Illogical Odds During A Match

It happens that a rigged match can be identified by the odds in the live betting mode. An excellent example was recorded in 2014. In a Swedish league, during a game between Jenchepings and Syrian, someone made good money on the number of goals.

In the 20th minute of the game with the score 0-0, the odds of a total more (3.5) fell from 2.5 to 1.5. After the first goal, it rose to 1.7. The flow of bets on “total more” didn’t stop.

The rest is more interesting. In the 51st minute, the hosts scored the second goal of the match. At this point, the bets on total less (4.5) went on. It turns out that the game should have scored precisely four goals. And so it happened. When the referee blew the final whistle, the scoreboard read 4-0.

Referees Affect The Results

Usually, the referee’s mistakes are written off as human error. But there are cases when referees clearly deliberately try to influence the result.

German referee Robert Heuser confessed in 2005 that he used to bet on national cup and lower division matches. The most striking example of his work is the meeting between Hamburg and Paderborn. The first team led 2-0, but then the referee intervened. He awarded penalties and suspended Hamburg players, which eventually led to a 2-4 defeat for the team.

A criminal investigation was conducted and Heuser was sentenced to two years and five months in prison. Robert was also banned for life from any activities related to soccer. By the way, Hamburg received compensation of two million euros for the unfair withdrawal from the German Cup.

Similar examples exist in basketball. Tim Donaghy was accused of refereeing an NBA game between the Lakers and Sacramento. With the score 3-2 in the series in favor of the Kings, someone really needed their defeat.


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