What’s next for Wow TBC?

Overview of the phase 3 of Wow TBC.

Everything you need to know about Phase 3 WoW TBC.

As the first expansion for World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade is a major affair. Compared to the current World of Warcraft, this game is much more socially and cooperatively oriented. As with WoW Classic, many of the Burning Crusade’s blemishes will end up being what players appreciate the most about Classic. The Burning Crusade Classic, on the other hand, is going to be fantastic if you’re already playing WoW Classic.

As players progress through the game, they may challenge themselves in teams of two, three, or five. At the conclusion of each phase, players will be able to win new WoW TBC gold and titles. The new phase of WoW comes with the following content:

  • Tier 6-raids

Tier 6 raids Black Temple and Hyjal Summit will be the most notable additions in TBC’s third phase. The inclusion of the coveted Warglaive of Azzinoth Icon (Warglaive of Azzinoth/Warglaive of Azzinoth Icon) that drops from Illidan Stormrage makes these two famous raids in the TBC expansion. You can buy WoW TBC account to get access to these features.

  1. Black Temple

A new raid, Black Temple, was added in Phase 3. A 25-player raid, Black Temple has nine raid monsters and extremely challenging battles, making it one of the most important raids in Phase 3. All of our guides pertaining to Black Temple, including treasure, bosses, attunements, and anything else relating to the raid instance, will be housed here. Shadowmoon Valley’s extreme easternmost landmark, Black Temple, may be found there. Through a gap in the temple’s side wall, gamers may enter this normally impregnable fortification. The Black Temple’s attunement quest chain requires you to fight specific Tier 5 opponents in order to complete it. Unique goods may be dropped by enemies in the Black Temple, which might be extremely beneficial to your character. The Ashtongue Deathsworn are a Black Temple-exclusive reputation group. The main way to gain reputation with the Shadow Resistance is to defeat foes and bosses in the raid, and the rewards for doing so include unique class trinkets and handmade Shadow Resistance armor.

  1. Hyjal Summit

Hyjal Summit is one of three Tier 6 raids and is home to Archimonde, one of World of Warcraft’s most renowned lore characters. Hyjal Summit is a 25-player raid instance that can be found in Tanaris’ Caverns of Time. To gain access to Hyjal Summit, you must finish a brief but difficult attunement quest that requires you to fight both of the preceding raid tier’s and monsters, Lady Vashj within Serpentshrine Cavern and Kael’thas Sunstrider. Yjal Summit is a short but difficult attunement that will lead you to battle Kael’thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep and Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern, the two preceding levels’ final enemies. After descending the meandering road into the Caverns of Time, Hyjal Summit is the first instance on your right. Instead of clearing the raid, you will have to combat waves of garbage that will assault the Alliance and Horde base camps that you will be protecting for the rest of the encounter. Between each boss, there are eight waves, each with 12 to 14 monsters. The next monster will appear when you’ve completed the 8-wave sets. The trash in this instance has few mechanics and is quite simple to deal with, but it is critical to ensure that your raid has enough mana at the conclusion of each wave to cope with the next. The Scale of the Sands is a Hyjal Summit-exclusive reputation faction. Killing opponents and monsters inside the raid earns you reputation with this faction, which grants you access to strong rings for your character’s role as well as many of the game’s greatest jewelcrafting recipes. Hyjal Summit has five bosses that must be defeated in a certain sequence. You’ll battle the first two in the Alliance camp and the last two in the Horde camp. In the easternmost region of the instance, near the World Tree, Archimonde has his own boss fight arena. You can also buy TBC gold to purchase items that will help you defeat bosses more easily.

  • Reputations

The Scale of the Sands and the Ashtongue Deathsworn are two new reputations tied to the new raids in Phase 3. By earning these reputations, new jewelcrafting designs and class-specific trinkets may be obtained.

  1. The Scale of the Sands

TBC’s The Scale of the Sands is a faction based on the Battle for Mount Hyjal that will only be accessible once this raid becomes live. The Battle for Mount Hyjal raid is where they get much of their notoriety with them. Crafting strong jewels and ammo for Bows and Guns are only some of the options available in the Scale of the Sand.

  1. The Ashtongue Deathsworn:

The Ashtongue Deathsworn are a 25-player raid instance with notoriety strongly associated with the Black Temple. The Black Temple Attunement questline and slaying enemies within the Black Temple raid instance are the best ways to gain reputation with them.

When you attain Exalted status with the Ashtongue, you’ll get a special item for each class, as well as recipes for some of the game’s most potent Shadow Resistance gear.

  • Season 3 of Arena Arena

As part of TBC, the Arena will be unveiled, allowing for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 games to take place. In the arena, success means more points for your team at the weekly reset, and success means more points for your team at the weekly reset. Resilience and PvP-oriented set benefits may then be purchased with these points, which mimic PvE gear at item level.

  • New Gears

With a new tier comes new gear for players to acquire.

  1. Tanks
  1. Healers
  1. Ranged DPS
  1. Melee DPS
  1. Class Role Rankings


Regardless of how you play, professions will play a significant part in WoW Classic TBC. There’s a job for everyone, whether you’re looking to earn some additional TBC Classic gold, handy consumables, eye-catching active items, or strong gear.

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