Happy Feet: Are Work Boots Really Necessary for Your Overall Safety?

Even the smallest things matter when it comes to your safety. Minor conflicts and mistakes can risk your whole well-being. Manual labour or any work consists of heavy work. Companies require their workers to be in full protective gear to prevent injuries and casualties, including any safety gear for your feet.


What does work boots protect you from?

Most of the injuries you may incur during work hours are cuts or lacerations due to sharp objects, sprains, and fractures. That could hinder you from working properly. You must equip and protect yourself with protective boots that are durable against these accidents. For a much convenient and safe shopping experience during this pandemic you can browse and buy your protective boots online. There are many brands that you can check, such as Oliver Safety boots, which offers a wide variety of safety boots in different designs and colors that are built with sturdy materials.


How dangerous is your line of work?

First, ask yourself if you are safe even without safety boots? If not, without any hesitations, you should consider buying protective footwear for yourself. You shouldn’t take foot injuries lightly. Later on, small injuries can develop into infections and cause you even more inconvenience and health risks. In looking for protective boots for your line of work, best to fit them with your needs. If you have any footwear sensitivities and preference, consider that as well. Here are the most important things that you should consider:


            Size and Design

Some brands don’t offer many size options for women, but Oliver Safety Bootssmallest size is 5 (UK/AUS). With their wide options of designs, you can choose from ankle-length boots, boots with zippers and straps. Remember the rule that you should size up to allow some space for your feet’ comfortability. You don’t want your feet feeling suffocated. If you have other concerns about your feet’s proper shoe fitting, you can check it here.



Most of the protective boots that you can browse are made up of heavy and shockproof materials. That’s why often, these shoes would naturally make your feet feel hot and could make them sweat. But Oliver offers boots with a comfortable footbed that allows natural airflow to circulate inside and prevents odour, bacteria and microorganisms from building up as well.



With proper sizing and composition of materials, you will achieve a happy and safe set of feet! Boots are naturally built to be bulky. That’s why at first glance, it may seem too heavy to wear. With proper interior materials, keep the airflow and antibacterial build up and exterior features such as the sole and the steel toe cap to protect your toes from any injury.



The common texture of the fabric used for boots are suede, and there are many misinterpretations that it’s hard to maintain and clean due to their texture. But actually, they are easier to maintain than any leather shoes. You can wash them with water, and some boots offered by Oliver are even waterproof. So, no worries about maintenance.



Regardless of how big an injury may be, it is still a hindrance to an effective work routine. It can cause delay and inconveniences. If you have the chance to prevent these accidents and protect yourself, why not?


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