Frequently Asked Questions about Data Centre Locations

Data Centre Locations


Large-scale businesses will always utilise data centres because of the vital data that they store and receive every day. It is also an effective method of securing data from getting stolen or lost in the event of a data outage. But a time will arrive when you will need to do a data colocation to help manage your data better.

You can find many data centre colocation companies that businesses would turn to because it can provide many advantages such as improved network security and a redundant power supply. You might have several questions about data centre colocation that are preventing you from doing it.


FAQ #1: When is the perfect time to hire colocation services?

In most cases, some companies would not hire the services of data centre colocation companies because their existing facilities are still in good condition. However, a time will come when their facility will no longer be a viable place to keep their data centres, so the best option is to relocate it.

If you keep your data centres in a worn-out facility for too long, there is a high chance of them getting damaged and compromising your entire business. That is a good enough reason to have your data centrescolocated to ensure that your data is safe and well-protected. What is even great about hiring colocation companies is they can provide efficient protection.


FAQ #2: Is there enough space for the data centres?

What is great about data centre colocation companiesis that they will always have space whenever businesses want to have their data centres relocated. If you plan on moving your data centres to theirs, you should provide complete details on the size of the data to ensure that they can provide enough space.


FAQ #3: Are there professional IT engineers maintaining the data centres?

A colocation company can never operate without hiring the best IT engineers to maintain and keep the data centres in top condition. One way to know if you can rely on them is if they are NV1 certified. It is the most reliable certification that any IT engineer can have because it means that they have had more than ten years of clean background information. There is nothing better than getting your data handled by the best of the best.


FAQ #4: Will the data centres be near our office building?

In some cases, there will be colocation companies that will scout for your office and introduce their services because you are nearer to them than the other ones. If you are looking for them, ensure that you do some research and find the closest one to your office building. It would be best to choose a company that you can drive to within 15 minutes.


FAQ #5: Will there be constant reports given to us? 

A professional and reliable colocation company always provides detailed information about your data centres, including your service orders, service inventory, and remote hands requests. They can even provide billing reports custom-made for your cost centres, which can help you maintain budget-friendly service.

If you do not have a reliable existing facility for your data centres, you should consider colocation companies. They can help tend to your data better, provide efficient security, and avoid any data outages that could put the business underwater.


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